November 15, 2010

My birthday/Christmas wish list

AHHH!!! It's almost December! Which means it will be my birthday (#TeamSagittarius) then Christmas!! They're 13 days apart, do the the math :P and that's cool and not cool for different reasons: Cool because the celebration never ends, and NOT cool because 1. I often just get ONE gift :(  2. I'll have to study for FINALS the day of my birthday (whomp whomp whoooooommmppp). But anywho, I always stay positive!! I love the holidays, I get to see my family, party, drink "kremas" (haitian liqueur) and eat delicious food!

Furthermore, I've been obsessively browsing through the net, magazines etc. for the past few months and I have finally figured out my wish list!!! Check check, check it out!

Pretty damn self explanatory. Yes. I want one. 
Approximately 999,99$ *sigh*

2. A Canon Powershot SX30 14.1 MP
Because I wanna take beautiful pictures. And because I am loyal to Canon.
ON SALE at Best Buy for 419,99$

3. A Starbucks gift card :)
Sorry, Tim Hortons. Not you.

4. Purple Urbanears, available on
I have music on my Blackberry. Now give me cute earphones please!

5. A gift card from ZONE
Also self explanatory. Their stuff is SO GORGEOUS. And I'll be needing house stuff for 2011 *wink wink*

Yes. What you see above is a TOASTER!!! SICK!

And gift cards from those places would also be greatly appreciated:
-IKEA (cuz I absolutely love IKEA)
-ZARA (cuz I love their clothes)
-I-Tunes (cuz I love music)
-CHAPTERS/INDIGO (cuz I love to read)

And also:
-The cookbook from Louis Francois Marcotte: "Cuisinez Sexy pour deux" 


Thank you in advance,


P.S. I already gave MYSELF a gift by booking a cool trip to Vegas a couple days before! BOOYAH!


  1. loool u sum else u! love ur post missy!

  2. Ahahaha the "Sorry Tim Hortons, not you" part is SOOO funny!! Your wishlist looks a lot like my best friend's wishlist/bday list (also a saggitarius) ;)


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