November 16, 2010

Tuesday randomness

Ok so I just saw "For Colored Girls" and I was deeply touched, emotional, in tears, traumatized etc....

So I listened to this song to feel better. "Oh Sheila" by Ready for the World ALWAYS makes me happy. I mean, now I just wanna get a Jheri curl, put on some leggings + legwarmers, toss my hair on one side, put on an exaggerated amount of purple eyeshadow and DANCE!

Have a good night everyone. I'm so random sometimes...goooshhh *Napoleon Dynamite voice*

P.S. I know the dance
P.P.S. Notice the HIGHLIGHT OF THE VIDEO at 2:18...when it goes 1-2-3 with the split on the screen...notice his facial expression after that! Lol so 80's. And I love the 80's. 

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