December 21, 2010

10 tricks for last minute Christmas shopping


I forgot all about Christmas shopping, just like every year! ArGGGG!!!! Here are 10 tricks for last minute Xmas shopping, in order to avoid biting your nails, pulling your hair out and/or having a nervous breakdown while going to the over crowded malls with over excited people.

1. PLAN! 
Check online and in magazines for ideas. That'll save you a whole lot of time!

2. Calculate your budget. 
Just because you're last minute doesn't mean you have to be punished and become broke. I mean, you gotta keep some money for boxing week right?

3. DO NOT GO DOWNTOWN (unless you have absolutely no choice). 
Believe me on that one. No parking + nothing left + too many people + busy sales reps and more more more.

4. Shop early in the morning. 
The earlier, the better! Less people plus the sales reps are actually available to help you.

5. Wear light clothes. 
Because if it is crowded, you'll get hot. No one likes to sweat while shopping. Ew.

6. Go to the stores where you might find most of your gifts at once! 
I suggest Winners (the ones with HomeSense), The Bay and Simons.

7. Shop alone. 
If you already don't like crowded places (like me), or if you are somehow impatient ( me), I suggest you go shopping alone. This is self explanatory, I believe. 

8. Gift certificates are cool. 
If you don't know what to give, or if you are stuck between like, 4 things for a person, just give a damn gift certificate so they can go ahead and get their own things. I personally love getting gift certificates, especially with all the after-Christmas sales! I mean, some people would've just given me a gift that would make me go "uhhhhhh :S" so you know what, thank you for the gift certificate. Now I can get whatever the heck I want! I still don't get why people are all anal about giving them out. Anyways!

9. If you're double thinking about giving a gift to someone, just don't. 
That'll save you a lot of hassle eh! Or just get them a box of chocolate (Lindt or Lindor, available at Jean Coutu). Meh.

10. Stay positive! 
You are not alone! A lot of people are dong last-minute shopping! Have a coke and a smile, and don't stress. Everything will be okay. Plus you'll get to reward yourself after with all that yummy Christmas food!

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  1. Thank you for the tip! I will go to the SAQ up my street rather to go to a big one in a mall :)


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