January 19, 2011

Outfit of the day: Nicki Minaj in London

WOW. I never thought I'd say this one day but.......*drum rolls*.....I LOVE what Nicki Minaj is wearing!!!

Miss Barbie arrived in London today wearing a NICE black wig (yes I admit it), beautiful sunglasses (I'm still looking for the brand), light and natural makeup (for once), a cute red varnished LV tote, GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI boots that are TO DIE FOR, black pants and a very, very nice Gucci hoodie. 


You guys already know I love my black clothes, black hair etc...I'd wear this whole outfit, from head to toe...well...minus the wig. I'll stick to my clip in extensions :P

Check it out! More pics after the jump...

pictures from www.necolebitchie.com

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