January 19, 2011

Beauty: How to put clip-in hair extensions

2011!! New year, new section on the blog!

I've had so many questions about my hair and (to the horror of those who thought they could keep it as a secret), I've decided to do my first video tutorial on how to put clip-in hair extensions!

It's actually pretty easy...so easy that's I'm somehow addicted now (oh oh)! It's my first videos and I promise they will get better with time! I would also really appreciate some constructive feedback!

Muah enjoy!

P.S. Sorry for swearing two times. Meh.

-Make sure you buy hair that matches your texture!
-Your hair has to be long enough to put clip-in hair extensions without them showing. If you have the Halle Berry haircut, it's no gonna work out, sorry.
-Get the RIGHT COLOR OF HAIR. Please! lol!
-Straighten your hair very well (if you bought straight hair). Blow dry, flat iron, hair wrap, whatever floats your boat!

-Measure each strand of hair that you want to put in. Double the strands if you want them to be thicker (like I did).
-Put in the clips. On shorter strands, you can put two clips. On longer strands, you can go with more (3 or 4).
-Measure your hair again, clip in the extensions!!!

P.S. Make sure you comb the hair!


  1. just 2 questions
    1. Where is the best place to buy them?
    2. How much?

  2. Very good and useful things that you have written in your blog. Thanks for the sharing.

  3. Although this is you first video, i says that it is good. thanks for your sharing the clip hair extensions tutorail. I love it


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