March 17, 2011

Spring trends for men: What caught my eye

Gentlemen, I did not forget about you!

So I've seen a lot on the runways lately and yes, there are a lot of new trends out there for the fashion forward men out there! Here are my favorites! And please, sexy men, feel free to try some of these outfits, in order to please my eyes. 

I have to admit something though: When it comes to my taste in menswear, you may find that I am a bit conservative. Although I appreciate street wear and clothing that is more sporty, I strongly prefer the classy, simple, but fashionable stuff. So yeah.

1. Bow ties

Cute! They come in other colors than black, by the way. It's nice to see a wider range of colors this year. Dare to try it! 


Chase Crawford during Milan Fashion Week

Roberto Cavalli

2. Shorts above the knee

Loving the colored ones! And I never thought I would've liked shorts paired with a blazer! The D&G look is the most classical one, in my opinion, perfect for a hot summer day. But be careful! I'm not sure that
pairing the shorts with socks and sneakers would work (except with the jean shorts) would be much safer with a pair of nice, clean loafers.

Ralph Leroy 

Viktor Rolf
3. Tan/nudes/greys
This trend, which is also present on the women's side, is my favorite this season! If you look at every other trend I have listed on the blog, these colors are present amongst almost every one of them! It's not a surprise that the tans, nudes, beiges, greys etc. always come back, as they are classics: They match with almost everything and are wearable on many different occasions, whether if they are chic or casual. 

Louis Vuitton SS11 campaign
Michael Kors
Paul Smith
Salvatore Ferragamo
4. Color! And especially colored chinos. 
You are probably wondering what a chino is, right? Well, they are pants made out of chino cloth and this season, we see them in so many different colors! They look pretty fly, in my opinion, especially paired with a white linen shirt. I am especially loving how designers dared with color this season, and I really hope to see a few men out there stylishly representing this fashion. Avant-gardiste, I must say. Kanye did it with the red suit last year...c'mon....don't be afraid!

Tommy Hilfiger
Louis Vuitton
Prada wingtip espadrilles
Trey Songz for Rocawear 
TOD'S Iconic Gommini
Marc by Marc Jacobs (loving the contrast of the blue jacket with the orange tie)
5. A sexy business suit
This one speaks for itself. In my eyes, there is nothing sexier about a well fitted business suit. Loving the black on black styles in particular :)

DKNY (With the famous Corey Baptiste)

Marks and Spencer
Jil Sander
6. Jeans, rolled up
I know this one was there last year, but they're back and I really don't mind! It can be hot when the roll is not overdone, I'd say any roll bigger than two centimeters is a major fail.


P.S. Did you notice how often I used the brand Smalto? I discovered him while doing research for this article and really appreciated the designs of this French brand. Francesco Smalto's creations are classic, seem comfortable and have a latin touch. Elegant and carefully crafted, his well-cut suits are hors-pair. 

Trends that can disappear from the earth

-Those super baggy shorts that almost touch the ankle...C'mon son!
Picture from
-Jeans that are too tight (you are LYING if you tell me your sack is comfortable in those. Stop lying to yourself).
-Corduroy (should forever be banished)
-Ed Hardy ANYTHING (shirts, hats, perfume, alcohol etc.) I'm not even gonna explain that one...

-V-necks that are a bit too low (IF and only IF you don't have the body to go with it). I'm fed up. Meh. 

-Basketball or Football jerseys, if you're not on your way to practice the actual sport.
-Jeans inside socks (I swear the other day I saw someone on the bus wearing his baggy jeans inside his white socks....smh)
-Not doing your hair line/beard

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