March 14, 2011

Top 10 Spring faves for the ladies

Today it didn't snow!! And we forwarded our clocks yesterday....It's starting to feel like Spring baby!

With my favorite season coming up, I'd like to share my top 10 Spring trends/looks/fashions etc... I've been browsing through my favorite magazines and believe me, the upcoming months are going to be HOT in the fashion department! Check check, check it out!

1. Flashy orange
Nice! Always loved this color. Either on the lips, nails, clothes etc.. Love love looove it. Also, it looks beautiful on tan or darker complexions.

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Tory Burch
Marie Saint-Pierre

Rihanna wearing orange lipstick
2. Long dresses/maxi skirts
I'm happy I didn't throw any of them out! They always come back! Not only do they make you look taller, but
when you put them together with the right accessories, they can make a major statement. I would wear a long skirt with a t-shirt or cami, tucked in, with a large belt and huuuuge earrings and/or necklaces. POW! Also loving the bohemian to them. 

Juicy Couture
Paul & Joe

Vanessa Hudgens
Hey that's me :)
3. Platforms
YES!!! I love platforms! I noticed this trend at the latest Denis Gagnon fashion show (during Montreal's Fashion Week) and I'm sure their comeback will
be seen on the feet of multiple fashionistas in the hottest spots this summer. And hey, they're comfortable! So why not? 

Charles Anastase
Zac Posen "ZSpoke"
Belle by Sigerson Morrison
Bottega Venetta
4. Vibrant colors
I was skeptical about this at first, but this trend is so 80's that I fell in love. Don't know if I'll have the guts to actually mix and match all those colors. However, I have to admit that a well put together outfit could turn out to be unique while remaining stylishly simple. And the accessories...ohhhh let me not even start on the accessories in colors like yellow, green, blue and more *falls off chair*

Gucci Spring/Summer 2011 campaign
Diane Von Furstenberg bags (Photo by Mark Leibowitz)
Yves Saint-Laurent
Prada Spring/Summer 2011 campaign
Michael Kors
5. Sexy shades
Ya'll need to stop it with the Ray Bans. Get creative.

Coach "Larissa"


6. Pink lipstick
My friend Vanessa got me on that one. It's super hot! Imagine, you're wearing jeans, a white wife beater or cami, flats, your hair is all loose (the whole "I just woke up/messy" look) and POW! Pink lipstick. Suddenly you look all glam and classy and sophisticated. Nice. It is crucial not to overdo your makeup if you wear this shade of lipstick, in the risk of looking too "overdone". This color is well paired with false eyelashes and a black smoky eye (see Janelle Monae picture, she mastered the look). Oh and thank you Nicki Minaj for bringing this trend back, alhough I'm not sure we will match our hair with our lipstick #okthxbye

Nicki Minaj's "Pink Friday" album cover
Janelle Monae
7. Flowered print
Watch out with this one. It can be nice if you don't abuse of it. By abuse I mean: Don't wear a flowered skirt with flower shaped earrings and a flower in your hair. Please. This type of print looks great with simple jewelry and accessories :) Such a refreshing trend, makes me wanna wear a little flowered dress and go to the parc or something and run while some Joe Dassin is playing in the background...lalalala Cute!

D&G Spring/Summer 2011

Stella Mc Cartney
Peter Som

Banana Republic
8. Wide legged Jeans or pants
The 70's are back! Not the exaggerated elephant pants, but the nice, sexy, wide pants/jeans. I think they are especially hot when they are a little high waisted, and paired with an amazing pair of heels (or platforms! HA!). They also look great with a nice belt and tucked in shirt. Another thing I'm happy I didn't throw out! My classic Miss Sixty jeans will definitely be seen on my butt in the next few months.

Derek Lam

Seven for all Mankind "Georgia Trouser"
Jessica Alba wearing the Georgia trouser....nice outfit! 

9. Neutral and nude colors
Oh this one is good. Clothes, lipstick, bags, we're loving the nude fashion! So classical and simple, and litterally matches almost everything. The nude shades stand out and look fab with black. P.S. Ladies, the "Fresh Brew" lipstick from MAC is a must have!

Rebecca Minkoff Spring/Summer 2011
Derek Lam (Loving the outfit on the right! Would wear it in a second)
Jason Wu

Nina Ricci

MAC's lipstick in "Fresh Brew"
10. Preppy-chic bags
Okay, I tried to deny them for long but I can't hate anymore. They go with anything and always add a touch of class! Will definitely be ditching my everyday Longchamp that is already dead and finished for a new, sexy, preppy bag. Yep!

Coach "Leather Ella"

MaxMara "Sesamo"
Zara (affordable!)

Trends that can disappear forever and ever ever ever

-Leopard print
I don't mean to interrupt you, but hum... leopart print is NOT cute! And your face Kanye, your face. Fix it.

-Nerdy glasses (especially if you don't need to wear glasses)
-Zebra print
-Matter of a fact, any animal print.
-Boyfriend jeans (Did anyone ever like these? Like, really. Be honest). I fell for that one too. Then I realized there was absolutely NOTHING flattering about them.

-Sarouels. I fell for that one, oops.

-The whole hobo-my-shirt-is-too-big-and-so-are-my-pants failure of a look
Kumbaya my lord? I don't think so
-Cargo pants
-Tye dye (baby you can stay in the 70's)
-Tramp stamp tattoo (sorry I just had to say it)

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