March 24, 2011

Will the real Lady Gaga please stand up!!?!?

In Miami, on the 1st day of Funkshion's South Beach Fashion Week
-Me: Hi, hum...are those seats taken?
-Dude (looking at me like I'm crazy): NO!!!! These are reserved!!!

-Me: Wow, okay...nevermind I'll just...
-Dude (with a quasi-traumatic/surprised/dumb look on his face): DIDN'T YOU KNOW LADY GAGA WAS HERE, THOSE ARE HER SEATS!!!
-Me: :O (instant jaw drop)

Okay guys. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Lady Gaga. I don't give a damn if she wears meat ok? Knowing I was the same event as her gave me shivers. Then I saw style! Couldn't see her face too much though. Anyways, rushed to take a picture with her like a groupie. Looked at the picture very that really her? Like really? She looks like her, dresses like her, talks like her and even took pictures with a whole bunch of bunny-ears wearing "little monsters". Total confusion. 

So during all the fashion shows, I see excited people rushing to take pictures with her. Then at one point, this dude behind me goes "It's not really her you know? I work for Sony and she's on tour". Ouch. Really? But it looks JUST LIKE HER!!! WTF?? Anyways, hello Blackberry! Hello Google! First thing I did when he told me that was check out her tour dates...and I see that on that same day, she is scheduled to perform at the Arco Arena in Sacramento. Really! So did she like, ditch the show to come to South Beach Fashion Week? Or was the show cancelled and she like, flew to Miami in a rush just to attend this show? Or did the organizers pay her so much money that she actually ditched her show in Sacramento?  Or does she have a secret twin? Was she cloned?

Anyways, if it was an impersontor, she sure did a good job at confusing the heck out of us!

Check out pictures of "Lady Gaga" after the jump

"Lady Gaga" with a "Little Monster"

Lady Gaga or not, those are SICK shoes

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