March 27, 2011

Funkshion's South Beach Fashion Week: Fall/Winter 2011 /// Day 2

Day 2 was amazing! Finally! It was the high fashion I was waiting for, the haute couture that I love to see and the European feel I constantly search for.

From the moment I arrived (at 8 p.m, when the shows were scheduled to start at 7 p.m.), I knew it would be different. The lighting was much better, the people even more beautiful and the place was already starting to be packed: The whole vibe was different from  the day before, what a relief! At around 9 p.m., someone announced that everyone should get seated as the show would start and a few moments later, a saxophone player started performing on stage. I liked how he was in sync with the DJ's techno/lounge music, the experience giving me that European ambiance. Then, a beautiful Italian lady started presenting the show. She had on some KICK ASS glittered shoes that made me go WOW. Ok, remember how yesterday I said that me and glitter don't match? I correct that. I hate when glitter looks cheap, like it was just glued on the clothes you know? But these! 

The array of shows were presented by the Italian channel TV Moda, which is the most popular fashion channel in over 50 countries. There were musical performances between the fashion shows and the DJ played some excellent house/techno as the models walked the runway. The clothes were so beautiful, feminine and original that I was disappointed to realize that there were only 5-6 looks per designer. However, those looks were
carefully chosen, as the puclic clapped at at least one look per designer. Now that is #winning! Every designer had some of the trends mentionned in the recent article focusing on Spring trends for the ladies. 

Alberta Ferretti
They described her line as romantic feminity and I was pleased by the flowered looks. It reminded me of a recent Gucci campaign with a prairie in the background. Long dresses, lots of chiffon, very nice, very nice.

Fun fashion, original, ironic, gypsy and very colorful. I always loved his creations and I was astonished by the originality of the looks. Polka dot dresses were followed by black and white skirts, tan colors and hats. The ensemble of playful outfits 

Via Delle Perle
Elegant and sensual line. Once again, the glitter was properly used. The dark blue pieces were gorgeous, all of the clothing would perfectly suit a modern, chic lady going to a soirée. I was astonished by the long flowered dress with a gold bustier top! Epic! Beautiful discovery! Will definitely be looking for more.

Stella McCartney
Eleganza sensuale! Once again, elegant sensuality was demonstrated from the beginning. The long cream dress got claps, the short glittered dress got claps, the long black dress practically got a standing ovation, and I almost fainted  when I saw the last long, gold dress. Enough said?

Vivienne Westwood
Chic, simple collection that is also appealing to the young, modern and working woman. I was happy to see the first black model of the night (finally!). The designs were gorgeous and the cuts showcased a lot of work. I particularly fell in love with the last grey and purple dress with ruffles. Nice!

Cute beach wear, very Euroopean: The designs reminded me a lot of what people wear at the beach on Italy. Sexy and classy! Even the 1-piece bathing suit was hot! 

Free spirit woman: Spirito libero! I would describe this line as cute, simple and comfortable. A lot of denim, flowered prints, whites, tan colors and even animal print (that was cute and not 1990's). I could imagine these designs in a "Teen Vogue" or "Seventeen" spread, as the outfits were very "modern virgin" me politically incorrect, but it's not a bad thing!

Best discovery of the night! This collection is described as "It is perfect for the women who go from angel to femme fatale". Sexy! My first reaction was just an instant jaw drop, followed by a "WOWWWWWW!" at the sight of all the colors, the long, flowing dresses, the turquoise and brown dresses. A saxophone player playing "calabria" added a great kick to this segment! I adored every single outfit! Just to give you an idea of how I felt about this collection: All I wanted to do was go backstage, buy all the clothes, pack my bags and fly to Saint-Tropez!

Inspired by cartoon characters, nice blue jumpsuit, very high squared heels, lots and lots of colors, and once again, long dresses and lots of flowers. Went cookoo for the last colorful dress with a very high split on the side! Very sexy. I want it!

A lot of beiges and yellows rocked the runway for the Byblos segment! I could feel the African inspiration and I especially loved the yellow dress that was short in front and long in the back. Great choice of accessories also!! The necklaces were to die for.

Roberto Cavalli
Save the best for last? We can say that! This designer is often inspired by animal print and this influence was visible, but subtle at the same time, which for me, is a good thing(if you have been following me for awhile, you know how I feel about animal print). The first short blue one shouldered blue dress was fantastic! I could imagine it beautiful with either flats OR with heels! The black jumpsuit was intersting and the last dress with the zebra like design in front caught my attention. 

Highlights of the show
-TV Moda filming the whole thing. Nice.
-Great performance by former American Idol contestant Tiffany: She performed her song called "Perfect Mistake". I never heard of her but it was a nice discovery! Her voice is strong and she has a lot of charisma! Bravo. 
-The animator changed outfits like 4 times, and she looked great each and every single time! She was also very energetic.
-Great house/techno DJ!
-From the consistent hairstyles to the shoes and accessories: Everything was on point! Great styling.

Cons & My criticism
-The show started late again (sigh!)
-Not enough looks per designers. Sometimes I felt like if I turned my head for a moment, or would doze out, I would miss a whole designer's set. Perhaps they could have less designers with more looks next time. Or even maybe the same amount of designers, more looks, but with an intermission during the show. I wanted more more more!!
-Aiko's performance left me speechless. Not in a good. 
-No after party. I had to, once again, find my own. Victor Hotel was a winner!


Best bartender ever!
On the beach, after the show
Photo credits (as the watermarks mention on the pictures)
-Vision Studios Photography
-CarLB Photos
-Angel Rivera ...................Thank you for the beautiful pics!

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