April 4, 2011

Restaurant L'Atelier: Originality and good taste

You know, I've been to this Mile-End restaurant 4 times already and I cannot believe I have not written anything about it yet! I brought my sister there for her birthday and even held my last birthday dinner there!  L'Atelier is one of my favorite restaurants in Montreal. Wanna know why?

"Tartare de magret de canard aux lardons, framboise et balsamique blanc" (duck tartare) with sweet potato chips
Their menu on a chalkboard (December 11th, 2010)
-It's BYOB (Bring your own bottle), which is great because you can get an amazing bottle at SAQ for less than 20$ and bring it there. I love it because usually, a good bottle of wine costs 30$+ in restaurants. Very interesting to have a gastronomical BYOB, unlike Casa Grecque or Au Vieux Duluth.

-Their menu is ORIGINAL, seasonal and they focus on local foods. Check out the pictures after the break. Did you ever have buffalo ribs (Côte levées de bison), duck tartar or buffalo tartar with a side of
calamari? The best thing on their menu, in my opinion, is duck poutine with aged cheddar and bbq sauce. Delicious! I will let the pictures speak for themselves ;)

-The vibe there is cozy and relaxed. Dimmed lights, not too many seats (maybe 50-60 in total) and lounge-like music.

-The service is highly personalized. Although there is a menu, there are additional items written on a chalkboard and the waitress is happy to come explain the items and describe the "Taster's menu of the day", which is an appetizer, meal and desert for a fixed price, usually comprising of something that is not on their usual menu. 

Poutine revisitée: cheddar vieilli 5 ans, effiloché de lapin, pomme de terres frites, sauce bbq
Filet mignon de boeuf naturel, hashbrown aux oignons caramélisés sauce porto (YUMMY)

Assiette de charcuteries
My sister finishing bottle of wine #1
Tartare de bison avec calmars

Cote levée de bison à l'érable et chipotle / Buffalo spare rib

Cathy digging in my sister's cràme brulée
I definitely recommend it for the people who are not afraid to try new things! And for those who are more skeptical or hesitant, it's definitely worth the try!

Restaurant L'Atelier (Apportez votre vin)
5308 St-Laurent
Montréal, Québec
H2T 1S1 
(514) 273-7442 -----RSVP in advance!! Very important!
Click HERE for their website (in French)

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