April 2, 2011

Sassou on the radio

Click HERE to access the page where you can listen to my recent interview on Carel Pedre's show "CHOKARELLA". This show is live from Haiti every morning from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. and is listened by people from all around the world! I've been listening to it for awhile now and I am blessed and honored that my first official VERSASS interview was with Mr. Pedre!

A few comments from my part:
-Viva Montreal and its Frenglish. Switching from French to English so easily is part of this whole culture.
-I am shy when asked to speak in Creole. So I literally invented CREFRENGLISH in this interview. Ha!
-One specification: At one point, I said something like "I planned this trip to Haiti"...it was Miami (-16:28). Not Haiti. You get the point.
-I love Jeanne Hedge. She is not the official photographer on my blog, but she writes amazingly and takes beautiful pics. I am still waiting for my bathtub photoshoot. 
-I was a tad nervous, but still loved it!


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  1. Sarah:"I have a great memory"
    Renel Jr:"MGDF"

    Like i said before i LOVVVVVEEEEEE it . ilovesassou 4life.


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