March 31, 2011

Recipe of the week: Easy & affordable lamb

Remember the other day when I made osso bucco? Well that same day I went to the butcher and spent a lot of money on meat :( On that note, I also bought some lamb... Wait! Don't run from this post!! It wasn't expensive! I promise! Only thing was, that meat was lamb neck chops, something I had never cooked before. Meh! I tried it and it turned out great! And it costs less than 10$ for two pieces! 

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-Two lamb neck chops
-Two garlic cloves, smashed and
thinly cut.
-One small onion, chopped.
-1 cup of white wine
-2 thyme branches
-Spices (I used some chicken spice, salt and pepper)
-Olive oil
-BBQ sauce 
-In  small bowl, a mix of two tablespoons of corn starch with 1/4 cup cold water
-A deep dish that goes in the oven.
-Optional: The rest of the bottle of wine, to enjoy with your meal.

-Spice the meat on both sides
-With a pointy knife, make little cuts into the meat (about 6-7 cuts per piece) and stuff each cut with some garlic.
-Put the meat in the dish and drizzle each side with some extra virgin olive oil. Add the wine, onions, some leftover garlic and thyme.

-Cover the dish (if you don't have a cover, use foil) then cook in the oven on 350 Fahrenheit for about 45 minutes.

-Remove the dish from the oven, add the bbq sauce on top of the lamb and add the corn starch + water mix in the wine sauce. Put it back in the oven and put in on HIGH-BROIL for another 15 minutes or until the top is crispier and sauce has thickened.

Enjoy!! I served it with broccoli risotto and a salad with Wafu vinaigrette. Yummy!

**A little trick: As the meat was cooking, i would take a couple of tablespoons of the wine-lamb sauce to put in the risotto. It added a little "oomph" to the rice!**

P.S. Take a bite of the lamb. Then take a sip of wine. Guaranteed foodgasm!

P.P.S. This meat really looked like the veal shanks I used for the risotto. Don't get confused!

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