May 15, 2011

I got the blues so...Carpe Diem

All of this rain is giving me the blues...

I always try to see the bright side of everything (I'm a Sagittarius) and even when I'm not really feeling like myself, I do whatever it takes to remain optimistic. But...

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the near future and what I can do to shape my life in the way that I want it to be. So many changes are happening right now...although I usually have no difficulty in adjusting to new situations, I've been feeling a bit lost, especially with all those thoughts about "What's next"? I keep always getting this weird feeling that where I am now is not where I'm supposed to be... kind of like I should be making a further step...But the question is: What step? Should I move away? Should I stay? Should I buy a condo? I don't know! We will see. I have to remember that everything happens for a reason (looking for that reason right now) and it's in moments like these that I have no choice to go by these words:

Carpe Diem

Right now, I believe it is more than appropriate to think of 25 things that make me smile :)

1.That morning where you wake up early and you're super tired. Then you go outside and the sun slams you in the face and you KNOW it's gonna be a beautiful day.
2. A good glass of red wine
3. When I feel like shit and my friends call me, just like that. 
4. My little sister Patou. She's something else...

5. When
I think I lost my lip balm and then find it. Oh yeaaaa
6. When I find 5$ in some old jeans. Or even better, 10$. Or 20$. You get the point
7. Getting home before my blackberry dies.
8. The smell of favorite flowers.

9. Being awaken by my early alarm, then realizing I can wake up at any time, because it's the weekend.
10. Chocolate

11. When someone calls me because they wanted to talk to me for real. No texts, no bbm, just real, live talk. Or, if they can't call me, a really nice voice note.
12. Finding something really nice on sale, there's only one left and it's EXACTLY my size. 
13. When I put my itunes or blackberry on shuffle and it's as if it knew my mood: All the songs are perfect and in the perfect order.
14. The songs "El Tiburon" by Los Illegales, "Sheila" by Ready For the World  (check out my post on that song here) or "A puro dolor" (salsa) by Son by Four

15. Joe Dassin. Charles Aznavour. Edith Piaf. Serge Gainsbourg. Serge Reggiani. All these French artists that my folks listened to on Sundays. I had a nice childhood...
16. The beach in Haiti

17. My amazing friends! I love them sooo much. Dunno what I would do without them....Thank you Cathy, Clara, Fabi, Jeanne, Andréanne,Vanoush, Tingué, Jude.
18. Realizing I have change for my coffee, and won't have to pay interac.
19. How my Grandma Elsa used to give me great biblical passages to read. It's like she knew exactly what I was going through without me tellling her anything... R.I.P. Grandma :(
20. Gummi bears candy

21. How my cat Lolita still loves me, even when I abandon her for two weeks when I go on vacation. aww...

22. This little girl in St-Martin that made me cry and smile: She knew the poem I recited at the Miss Citronnelle pageant by heart. I was extremely touched. It's what made me realize how my win had touched a lot of people...
23. Reading your fb wall, cell phone, emails etc. on your birthday to realize that some people actually give half a fuck about you. It's pretty cool.
24. When my friend Cathy does that funny ass face

25. When, at the gate at the airport, they call your name for you to go in front. You freak out a little, but then they tell you "You've been chosen for a free upgrade" and your sweet ass gets to enjoy first class during a long trip. Yeah buddy!

And a little extra...
When those jeans you thought wouldn't fit anymore because they're like 5 years old...actually fit...and STILL look good!

That's it for now peeps! I smiled just by writing this blog post! I'll be better soon I promise.




  1. Hey girl, don't know if my 1st message got throught. Lost it for some reason ! Love this post. Alike you I am a sagi. We are both fire signs. You simply inspired me and give me energy to go on !

    Bisou de Montréal ,

    Marjorie xoxo

  2. Thank you so much Marjorie, you made my day!


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