May 25, 2011

Recipe of the week: Easy salmon steak

Hey guys I'm baaack!!! So lately I've been trying to eat healthier. Before you scream or start worrying about me, let me clarify a few things:

-I am NOT trying to lose weight.
-I am trying to eat better for health reasons. I mean, I can be perfectly fine now then BOUM! Next thing you know, diabetes, high cholesterol, anemia etc.... *knocks on wood*
-Healthier foods like fish and vegetables aren't necessarily more expensive! Especially if you go to the right places. I mean, if you do all your shopping at Marché Metro (nothing against that place, but it can be VERY expensive for a lot of things), of course you're gonna be like "talk to the hand". But you can get fruits, vegetables and fresh meat for a very reasonable price at one of Montreal's public markets. And guess what? The other day, my friend Clara told me (in a very excited and happy voice): "OMG I got sooooooooo much meat and fish for cheap at Kim Phat!!! Salmon! Scallops! Filet mignon!" I was like OH REALLY NOW??!!!?? Turns out I was the last one to find out how much this Asian market has an incredible selection of fresh ingredients. 

Anyways! My point is: I bought 4 thick salmon steaks for about 8$ at Kim Phat. You can't even get two for that amount at Metro, IGA, or other popular supermarkets. I couldn't wait to make them! I made some for me and my mom and it litterally took me more time to make my garlic blend (that I use on almost anything) than to cook the salmon. However, I do not like my salmon too cooked. In other words, I like it "medium", just like my steak: Light pink and well cooked on the outside, dark pink and not completely cooked on the inside. I don't like the way that sounds but that's okay! Enjoy! I served it with a salad with olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar and strawberries. It was a very, very good lunch.

-Salmon steaks 
-A large pan
-Some galic-parsley mix (see below)
-Salt, pepper
-Olive oil

Garlic mix (can be used on any meats, in pasta etc...)
In a food processor, mix some fresh garlic, parsley, a bit of lemon juice, salt and olive oil until you get a consistency that looks like the picture. Put in a small bowl, cover and refrigerate. 

Sorry for the blurry image!
-Season each salmon steak with the garlic mix, salt and pepper.
-In a large pan, add some olive oil and turn the stove on medium. When the oil is very hot, cook the salmon, about 2 minutes or less on each side. Again, this all depends on how you like your salmon, buddy. If you like it well cooked, prepare it that way. If you like it burnt, go ahead. If you like it "semi-cooked", like me, then follow the 2 minutes procedure. 
-Then...................that's it! Your salmon is ready (and very yummy) in less than 5 minutes! Can you believe it??

P.S. I find this recipe even better on the BBQ!

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