August 10, 2011

Quote of the Day

Respect for ourself guides our morals; respect for others guides our manners.

-Laurence Stern

I love Mafalda. I still read these comics hehe
I have no idea who Laurence Stern is, but I really like this quote. This is literally how I feel this week. It's crazy how recently, I saw how people who have no self-respect of self-control mess up things and people around them... In a way, it saddens me, but in another way, you can't help someone unless they want to help themselves. These people with no tact or self-control also exude this destructive vibe and the negativity they release is often hard to handle...well for me anyways: I'm no damn psychologist or psychiatrist, I don't always know how to deal with them! As the eternally optimist Sagittarius that I am, I have decided to just NOT deal with them and to get away from anything negative...I just want to be surrounded by happy, positive and determined people. The moment I made this decision, I believe that my life changed for the should think about doing it, too. Look at your entourage and ask yourself "What positive did _____ bring in my life? How does __________ make me happy?" If you find yourself know what to do. Life is too short to worry and suffer because of other people's personal issues. 

This post is super weird, I know, but that is that. The past weeks have been rough and I'm finally putting everything into place...I know, I know, I'm growing up!!! All of this is hitting me like a brick on the head. Some of the things I used to accept from people are now things I completely despise....and I show it. Well I've always despised or didn't like these "things", but I was just patient, understanding, etc etc as I would figure to myself "Okay I see the good in this person, and I see their potential and I know they're just going through a phase and I should be there as a friend and endure their crap because it's eventually gonna end". This doesn't work, by the way, because you end up enduring so much b/s that you become EXHAUSTED. You can want the best of someone, but if they keep putting you through some s*it (sorry for the swearing, i'm trying to stop) and drama, maybe they're just meant to be OUT OF YOUR LIFE. There! I said it.

Because everyone deserves a drama free, regular and fun life. Everyone deserves to be happy.

I'll post a recipe soon, made a lot of yummy stuff lately. Don't think that because of this post, i haven't been cooking. Au contraire, the more I take time for myself to figure stuff out, the more I do things that I love doing alone like trying new recipes. I also went to the Jean Paul Gaulthier exhibit recently and it was incredible, will share some pictures soon: I was ASTONISHED! He's a freakin genius yo. And I'm going to Paris in a few weeks, you guys have no idea how happy I am about that.... :) 

Have a good week everyone xoxo


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  1. Pas du tout weird comme post, j'adore!! Have fun in paris!


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