September 10, 2011

I ate extremely well in France

Guys, I know I was m.i.a. for awhile but I'm back!!! 

Recently (meaning earlier this week) I was in France and I ate sooooooooooo well!!! Check out some of my faves!

Le Cinq Mars

51, rue de Verneuil, Paris
Quartier: St-Germain
Click here for the website (English version available)

Best beef tartar of my life. And you guys know how much I love tartar!!! It was sweet and salty, the beef was fresh, it tasted like paradise! The eggs-mayo were surprisingly good! So good that my friends ate most of mine and ordered another one! The mayonnaise was sweet and perhaps had some dijon mustard in it and the salad was a perfect side to it. And what to say about the crème brûlée? Beyond delicious! The food was great yet affordable, 38 euros in total for the apetizer, main course, desert and glass of red wine. The service was also great, thank you Alexandra for this good suggestion :)

Oeuf Mayo
"Saucisse de 'Chez Conquet' et purée maison aka.... Bangers and mash
Tartare de boeuf coupé au couteau aka beef tartar
"Veritable" (True) Mont-Blanc. My friends had a foodgasm 
Creme brulée a la gousse de vanille bourbon

Sandwiches + wine at random bistros in the street

Yep, you read the title right! For about 4 euros, you can get some yummy
yummy sandwiches on the street. Cool thing is, you can also get a bottle of wine for LESS than what your sandwich cost you AND you're allowed to drink on the street. They will even give you cups for free :D So many times, I had wine and a sandwich in the middle of the afternoon. Booyah!

Polynesie in St-Tropez

Plage Polynesie
Route de l'Épi, 83350 Ramatuelle, St-Tropez
Check out their Facebook page

St-Tropez is beyond beautiful. I mean, I literally had moments where I was like "Am I in the Carribean????" and the food....the FOOD!!!!!! Fresh seafood and salads, tasty mussels, great lamb (yes, I had lamb in the middle of the afternoon). This restaurant is right on the beach, right next to Nikki Beach: You can eat, tan, drink while you're there. However, you have to pay like 20 Euros just to rent a mat.... Anyways! Food was great, service was so-so and the view was breathtaking. I also suggest the beer with peach syrup :D

Agneau en croute d'herbe de provences - Lamb crusted with "herbes de provences"
Salade niçoise
The view!!!!

Crepes, everywhere

You can find them in restaurants, street corners, bistros etc. Put anything you want in them: Cheese, ham, chicken, nutella, bananas, whatever you like! I loved the ones with Grand Marnier and sugar. 


226 rue de Rivoli, 2e arrondissement, Paris
Near le musée du Louvre
Check out the website here for other addresses :D

Where to start? Okay, this place is fancy and the interior is exactly how I always pictured Paris restaurants in my mind....I am not kidding when I say I had the best quiche of my life: It was fluffy, tasty, creamy, dreamy. It was so good that now I feel like I can't have quiche anymore, because I know that since I've tasted the best, I'll be nothing but dissapointed :( The hot chocolate was like the best melted Swiss chocolate you've ever tasted. I kind of laughed when I saw my friend Ariana eat the remainder of the hot chocolate with her spoon, but soon found myself literally scraping the bottom of my cup with my spoon. Shameful? Perhaps. Yummy? Oh yes! Would I do it again? Definitely! Thank you Sara, Samantha, Ariana and Chelsea for taking me there on my last day in Paris. I love you guys :)

The macarons looked soooooooooo good

The quiche.....OMG!! I dream about it sometimes...

My loves!! Sara, Chelsea, Samantha, Ariana and I
That's how good the hot chocolate was
Melted chocolate! Best hot chocolate ever
In front of Angelina, rue de Rivoli, Paris

So long, France! I will be back! It really felt like home...

Let me finish this post with one last picture: A typical corny tourist picture that I absolutely love! And I am 100% serious when I tell you that I CRIED when I saw the Eiffel Tower....I mean, I got out of the Trocadero metro station, turned left and BOUM!!! The tower was right in front of me. Tears....

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