November 1, 2011

Top 10 on my playlist right now: November edition

I can't live without music, these songs are on repeat!

I've been pretty "r'n'b" lately. Hey, things happen.

Remember my last top 10? When I didn't have an MP3 player and was playing music on my Blackberry? Oh how things have changed....


1. Drake ft Lil Wayne "The Motto"

2. Sak Noel "Loca People" (What the f*ck)... yeah I know this song makes no sense but it's SO CATCHY

3. Red Cafe ft Ryan Leslie and Rick Ross "Fly Together"

4. The Weeknd ft Drake "The Zone"

5. Adele "Someone Like You"....super depressing but I still like it

6. Harmonik "I Heart You" #kompa #haiti

7. Jill Scott ft Paul Wall "So Gone...What my mind says"....Originally called "Dickmotized"! She's so real

8. Mary J Blige ft Drake "Mr Wrong" (Resembles a recent situation...)

9. Beyonce "Best thing I never had"

10. Marc Anthony "Valio la pena" (Salsa version)....Okay I know this song is old but I didn't know the name lol I've been looking for it for years! Now that my sister's found it, it's on repeat...thanks Patou!!!

P.S. Did you notice my love for Drake? I've been a fan from the start and I can't wait for his new CD to come out on November 15th. Booyah!

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