November 1, 2011

What I've been up to: Transitions

Hello lovers!

Good things come to those who wait right? I know I haven't been here in a little while for personal reasons and honestly, I think it was a good thing to take a little break. I had to figure out what exactly I wanted to do in the next couple of months.... 

Did you ever meet someone that didn't know you but had the ability to give you a lot of true details about your character based on their impression of you? This happened to me this past weekend and I can't even describe the feeling... It was extremely interesting but overwhelming at the same time. That person was able to tell me what I was going through without even knowing me: The person also told me that I was in the most innovative period of my and this period would last for another approximate 4 years. I don't know if that is true, but I do feel like I am going through a personal transitional phase in my life. Maybe it's because I'm going to be 25 soon and I keep rethinking about where I thought I'd be.... I remember that as I little girl, I saw myself sooooo much further in life at 25 (in terms of career, lifestyle etc.) and the funny thing is, instead of being dissapointed about not quite being where I imagined I'd be, I find myself being thankful and cherishing the supposedly "exaggerated" amount of fun times I had and keep on having... You know why? Because life is short. Some might think these "fun crazy moments" might have slowed down a lot of things in my life, but I believe they were crucial and helped build my character: Everything happens for a reason! The moment my life will stop being ruled by Jupiter and I will be more influenced by Saturn, sit my ass down and settle down more, I know I will have amazing memories and I KNOW I will have lived my youth. However, I have to admit I am somehow terrified of know, the whole waking up everyday and doing the same thing over and over again.Yes, there is some sort of stability in all of that but I need fire and excitement in that stability....which is why you'll often find me randomly traveling, or randomly accepting last minute invitations. This is me, this is who I am and my spontaneity is my strength... and my weakness. À suivre!

What have I been up to? Here are a couple of transitions I've been going through lately:

Went from Blackberry to iPhone

I can't even describe how this has changed my life! My contract with Rogers was coming to an end and pouf!!! My Blackberry curve 3G started acting up! I mean, okay, I know RIM was having a problem and for a couple of days I had no internet access or BBM (which almost killed me lol), but my phone also started freezing all the time! I almost lost my mind, but it was also a sign: I had been considering the new iPhone 4S for awhile and this just showed me I needed to get it ASAP. I got it and let me tell you: "Blackberry can kiss my two butt cheeks!!!" The I-Phone is on another level! The camera is amazing, Siri is amazing, the video quality is out of this world, the apps are breath taking, the games are addictive (I can't stop with Angry Birds and Temple Run) and everthing about the iPhone is WOW!!!!! Do I miss BBM? HELL NO! Because not only does this phone have iMessage which is sort of like bbm minus the statuses I don't give half a damn about, but I find that since I've been off BBM ppl tend to actually call me more! Nice! I love it!

Went from straight hair to curly hair

I've always wanted big hair, kind of like
Carrie Bradshaw, but always found myself not daring actually doing the change. Well, this weekend I was in Miami and told myself "JUST GO FOR IT". Hate it, love it, I don't care, because I think it's FIERCE!!!!

I started using Instagram

This iPhone app enhanced my life. The way it helps you modify pictures is awesome plus you can share them so easily! I already love taking pics, so imagine now....

Thank you @carelpedre and @timoza for telling me about this app and giving me like a 3h tutorial in Miami on all the other apps I should have! You guys are great!

Regular picture, no modifications, nada
Instantly gave the pic a 70's feel with Instagram

New phone number

This speaks for itself. The change feels so damn good! 

Eating healthier food

I started regularly seeing a nutritionist and I think it was one of the best decisions of my life. I am lactose intolerant and borderline anemic so I wanted to make sure I get enough calcium and iron before it's too late. You know what I discovered? You lactose intolerant ppl out there are gonna love this: We can eat cheese!!! But in moderation! As long as the # of grams of carbohydrates is very low (0 grams is the best better but 1 or 2 grams should be fine). So this means: Hello mozzarella! Hello aged cheddar! Hello Swiss cheese! Nice!

Buying a new perfume

I know this sounds like nothing much, but although I'm spontaneous, I'm VERY simple, boring and classic when it comes to jewelry and perfume. I've been wearing Dolce Gabbana's "Light Blue" every day and Jean Paul Gaulthier's "La Femme" to go out for the past ten years. They fit me!! Why would I take the chance to try a new perfume, you know? But after trying on Prada's "Candy" last week, I was ready to buy this new perfume. And guess what? I COULDN't FIND IT!!! Boy, was I pissed! But hey, everything happens for a reason right? The super cool dude working at the Duty Free shop in Terminal A at the Philadelphia airport made me try Viktor Rolf's "Flower Bomb" and it fit me perfectly! I love the powerful yet pleasant, feminine smell. I don't know who you are Viktor Wolf, but you did a great job! I also like the name of the perfume...maybe because I like the song "Lotus Flower Bomb" by Wale and Miguel so much...hehe. 

Coming up on Versass:

-Interview with Vanessa Soukar of Créations Vanessa
-Photoshoot and food at L'Écurie




  1. Good post. I am not so keen on Apple though.

  2. Great post! Felt like a breeze un the month of may!!! I want to go iphone tooooooo!
    i heart youuuu!

  3. Over the years I was dealing with the same issues you're dealing with now. A lot of times, we make so many plans and have so high expectations of life. What we don't sometimes realize is that life is what we make it to be. I learn that I can reinvent myself, like do the things I've always wanted to do by giving a 110% everytime. I think you're on your way to success, and don't let anyone put a hold on your life, and I'm refering to the gentleman who said you have four years to get over what you're going through. Take life as it comes, enjoy the little moments, take every small oppornuties as it was a huge one and don't be afraid to reinvent yourself. It was just a speed bump, and sometimes we gotta slow down for them. You're on your way to success, it's written all over you.
    Now, I would like to know your opinion on success, like defining success. I know your blog is mostly about fashion, food, and travel, it'll be very interesting.


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