May 1, 2012

New video + some kind of tutorial on YouTube

Remember last year when made this video showing you how to put clip in hair extensions?

I remember a lot of people going "OMG I can't believe you did this!!" or even talking s*it about the fact I had the guts to put a video of myself on YouTube. However, I mostly remembered the great comments I got, the encouraging emails and positive reviews about the videosSo yes, I'm back! This time, I talk about some of the comments I got on my last video, one of my favorite YouTubers Jessica Laliah, on how I cheated on my Milky Way hair extensions PLUS!!!!!!! I show you guys how I put my hair color :D

I am an extrovert and I absolutely love sharing some good things with you guys! Therefore, I am super comfortable on camera! Stay tuned for more videos :)

LOL @ my face. Picture from the clip; lip gloss is from Secret Kisses
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Check out the video below

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