April 29, 2012

Miguel's "Art Dealer Chic" triology

I cannot recall one moment where I have not loved Miguel's music. Ever since I heard his sexy voice on J Cole's "All I want is you", I fell in love with his talent.

He kind of reminds me of Prince: Different voice & style, rock mixed with r'n'b and pop, original collaborations, I am sold. And it has nothing to do with the fact that I used to have a crush on Prince when I was younger...

His latest mixtapes, Art Dealer Chic, volumes 1, 2 and 3 are available for FREE!!! Click here to get your free copies.

I have been obsessed with the song "Adorn" for the past two months and I like all of the other songs especially "All", "Gravity" and "Party Life". This dude needs to come to Montreal ASAP and do an intimate 30$ show at Metropolis before he blows up and ends up opening for like, Lady Gaga or Usher at the Bell Center for 100$ a ticket. I'm just sayin'...I hope a promoter read this

Check out the video for "Adorn" below.

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