June 4, 2012

30 Day Blogging challenge. Day 4: Bullet your whole day

Oh Gosh. Since I am posting this today, I will bullet yesterday. Here it goes

4:45 a.m. Woke up from a nightmare. Lil Kim was in in.

5:00 a.m. After having a glass of water and hyperventilating, went back to bed.

9:45 a.m - 11:15 a.m. Laid in bed, played with Lolita & Kisha (my cats), watched them fight, checked emails/Twitter/Facebook & pressed refresh many times (addict), checked Flipboard, laughed.  

Print screen of one of my Flipboard pages
11:15 a.m. - 11:30 a.m - Struggled to get out of bed. 

11:30 - 12:15- Made breakfast (Leftover potatoes gratin, eggs, waffles), watched "4 Weddings" while eating breakfast (FAWK I love that show), tweeted, read the newspaper...online.

12:15 - 13:15 - Took a shower, got dressed, makeup, unwrapped my hair (Yes, I wrap my hair sometimes), combed hair. Oh and I'm stopping with the relaxer. I'll tell you more about that later aiight? 

13:00 - 13:15 - Looked for

my gold sandals, panicking. Finally found them behind the freezer. Why, though? Why were they behind the freezer? How did they end up there? Jesus, I need to get my s*it together lol.

13:15 - 14:00 - Went to Sears with Patou, mom and Guerla to buy baby stuff for my cousin who just just had a baby, tried on perfume at Sears, didn't buy the perfume I tried but lied to the sales lady and said I'd come back, said hi to this other lady who's been working at Sears for like the past 20 years.

My sister Patou and I. Follow her on Twitter 
14:00 - 16:30 - Visited a family member, drank jus citron (haitian lemonade, same thing as our lemonade except you have to triple the amount of sugar), ate more eggs (Haitian style), drank coffee, gossiped. Went to Dee's to get our eyebrows done for 3$. Like a baws. Afterwards, we visited my cousin who just had a baby and gave her the gifts. Congrats Babeth :D

16:30 - 17:45 - Went to my cousin Rico's son's 1st year anniversary/BBQ. It was cold as hell. I was happy to see my cousins Ti-Guy, Janik, Tante Marlène etc. I love my fam. I love them even more when they provide me with free food, soda and beer. 

17:45 - 20:00 - Went back home, ate more food. Wrote a couple of upcoming blog posts. Chilled. Tweeted. Replied emails. 
20:00 - 22:00 - Took care of some Shop Versass orders & replied emails on that matter

22:00 - midnight: Switched the channel to watch different things; Top Chef Canada, Chopped and the Heat v.s. Celtics game. The basketball channel stopped working at the perfect time since it was right before the Heat lost by one point. I probably would've thrown something at the T.V. #HeatFan
That is all!!! Pretty long Sunday! Made me realize I have A LOT of family, lol!



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