June 7, 2012

30 Day Blogging challenge. Day 7: 5 pet peeves


1. People snoring
I can't. I can't. I can't. I can't. I can't. I can't. 

2. Hearing people peeing or doing any number after 2
Which is why I hate public bathrooms. It's so bad that sometimes I have to
block my ears, just to avoid hearing other people's bathroom business. 

3. Assisting someone's execution of their split personality or  their ability to completely change their whole personality in a second. 
I once knew a girl who would completely change her accent/nationality and even her NAME depending on who she was talking to. It was beyond scary.

4. People opening beer cans with their teeth. 
The day you lose your tooth you'll tell me I was right all along. Stop. 

5. Please do not read over my shoulder. 
Just don't.

That was a short one but really, I did not want to elaborate too much! I mean, they're pet peeves! I've already said too much.

Bye see u tomorrow



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