June 8, 2012

Day 8: What you ate today

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 8

Before I write this post, I want to be clear on something: I am not the healthiest eater and I do not really believe in diets. I love food too much! The only thing is, except for Haitian food, I'm rarely able to eat large quantities at once. So don't be surprised if my list of food consumed includes a bunch of crap. Since I am not trying to write this post at 11:59, I will talk about what I ate yesterday. 

This 30 Day Blogging Challenge asks me to do the most random posts but I love it! Here it goes:


-McDonald's oatmeal. It was my first time tasting it and it was really good! It had fruits (wow, good job McDo #progress) and brow sugar. Not bad, not bad.
-Coffee from McDo. Not bad either.

Lunch + Snacks during the day

-Sushi: Salmon and kamikaze. 
-Melba toast with butter. 
-Kashi cereal in a ziploc bag


Me and my friend Fabiani went to "Usine a Spaghetti", a pasta restaurant in the Old Port. We decided to go there not for its gastronomical aspect , but 1. For the free salad bar and 2. It was very close to Terrasses Bonsecours which is where we had to meet people after dinner. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, but it did the job! The waitress was very nice, the salad bar was good and I tasted a Quebec wine for the first time! I ate:

-Lots of
bread with lots of garlic butter
-Salad, couscous, tomatoes, zucchini, macaroni salad.
-I tasted something called "Mehchi" for the first time and it was so good, I think I might have eaten at least 5 or 6. Funny how I would always see it at Amir and never tasted it! Yummy.
-Ate a bowl of spaghetti with bolognese sauce. Sometimes, all you want is a bowl of spaghetti. Of course, I got some of it on my shirt. Typical. 

Mehchi: Stuffed vine leaves
Late night snack

After an amazing Bob Sinclar performance at Terrasses Bonsecours, we may have had a bit too much alcohol and decided we absolutely needed to go to La Banquise aka my favorite poutine spot in Montreal. It is open 24 hours and for the first time ever, there was no lineup! Amen to that!

I had a "Chicks" poutine: Fries, gravy, cheese and fried chicken on top. Dirty, but oh so yummy. It is also the remedy against a possible hangover. I also had a ginger ale, which also helped.

P.S. I think poutine is one of the greatest inventions EVER.

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