July 14, 2012

Bold? Courageous? Yep! I cut my hair

Remember my previous post where I explained why I decided to go natural? Remember when I said that I would do a long-term transition and let my hair grow to a reasonable lenght THEN cut it?



Things didn't quite go the way I planned.

 I got fed up of dealing with the two textures and my relaxed hair was starting to break at the demarcation line (the point between your natural hair and natural hair). So after much complaining, deep thoughts, reconsideration and advice from my loved ones including my hairdresser, I decided to just chop it off and start over! I didn't do the chop for the "style", more for the sake of healthy hair and actually ended up liking it! I was scared to lose some of my femininity and had no idea how it would look like on me but at the same time, I was willing to take the risk and didn't give a damn what others would say. So on July 5th, I did it. Check out some more pictures after the break + the video of my transition + big chop :) You can see more pics/posts of this journey  + the progression and growth on my Tumblr page! 



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