July 14, 2012

What Sassou wore: Hot summer day off

I LOVE this dress I got from Beacon's closet and couldn't wait for Lahens, my couturier extraordinaire, to arrange it for me it so I could rock it! It orignally has to be tied behind the neck but I used the "American Apparel" method and turned it into a tube dress...well for that day anyways! Really appreciated all of the compliments I got for it and decided to share the details of this outfit with you guys :D

Dress: Beacon's Closet on 5th ave in Brooklyn, NY. Vintage HERMÈS! Believe it or not! I am still in shock I found an Hermès dress for a reasonable price. It wasn't in the best state in terms of fit but I bought it anyways and got it fixed. 
Belt: ADS. 2$. Real talk.
Bag: Got this one at Zara in Paris last year. Haven't seen it in Montreal yet! Niiiice :D
Bracelet: My own :)
Shades: Gucci. Amazing gift from Paris. Thank you daddy!
Earrings: Urban Behavior. With short hair, gigantic earrings are not an exaggeration.

I like mixing the old with the new and have a particular love for vintage/2nd hand items that are super unique.

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