July 23, 2012

Day 13: Your opinion about your body and how comfortable you are with it

I think this is a pretty interesting question, since a lot of people assume that every skinny girl on the planet is either super happy about her body or anorexic/bulimic. Not always true my friends, not always true.

So yes, I do like my body. I do not necessarily watch what I eat and I have never been on a crazy diet but I do work out pretty often and have done so most of my life. My motto is "Eat what you like, but work it out"! Anyways, body wise I'm cool about it, my favorite body parts being my legs (thank you, years of dance and soccer) and stomach with my least favorite part being my arms:No matter what I do to tone them, they are always blah or too muscular, never in between. I do wish I had a bit more ass and boobs (which girl doesn't?) but I'm still happy they are still proportionate to my body. I remember getting teased in high school (by the black people....*side eye*) as they would tell me I was "too skinny" and
needed a burger. Harsh. Truth is, I probably just HAD a burger AND a poutine on the side, you know? It just didn't go straight to my ass/tits/thighs and I would never, ever ever ever look like those video chicks and honestly didn't want to look like them either. 

I would like to thank my parents/grandparents for my features which are pretty unique. And although I find the girls from these countries to be extremely beautiful, I am not Ethiopian, Somalian, Trinidadian or mixed with Egyptian or whatnot: I am PROUD to be Haitian! My family is gorgeous. 

Face wise, it's actually pretty funny how I have a love/hate relationship with my nose. I used to hate it and get teased about it so much that I even considered getting a nose job back in the days. Now I look at my mom, my Granpa & uncles and realize how blessed I am to have their nose, which is a "LYS" trademark. I can finally say I am proud of my long, strange nose, even with the lil' bump! It is how God created me and it's what makes me different. I love it now, and lately I stopped avoiding taking pictures on the side. I also have a crooked tooth that I absolutely hate and am getting Invisalign for it very soon: I'm happy I don't have to wear braces! Hallelujah!!! My favorite part of my face? I'd have to say my lips and my skin.

Having short hair forces you to re-evaluate your WHOLE concept of sexiness 
In conclusion, I am pretty comfortable with my body. My final word is: No matter how you look, someone will ALWAYS have something negative to say. It's your job to love you own body and if you're not too happy with certain things about it, to have the willingness to work on it (going to the gym for example) or simply accepting it and appreciating the way it is, flaws and all.



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