July 17, 2012

30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 11 + Day 12, family and hot guys (umm...)

I was super busy and fell behind on the challenge! However, I am determined to FINISH IT DAMNIT!!! So 2 in one for today!

Day 11: Your Family

Okay I love my fam, I talk about them all of the time and I am extremely blessed to have them in my life. However, I will not get into too many details about them (I respect their private life) but I will tell you what I love the most about my immediate fam:

-Patricia aka Patou, my little sister, 4 years younger: I love how mature you are for your age and your sense of humor, you always make me smile on a rainy day. And you do great makeup.
-Dad aka Garry aka Da Don: I love how you always push me to go further in live. Also love how even at your age, you STILL love to party (hummmm wonder who I got that from).
-Mom aka Chantal aka Chantou: I love how ORGANIZED you are I wish I was more like you in that sense. I also love how humble you are and like I've mentioned before, your amazing sense of style.

And that is, among many, many other things. I have A LOT of family except for my immediate fam, here are a few last names that are part of my fam (I KNOW for a fact I am still unaware of certain cousins): Desamours, Lys, Estriplet, Sajous, Pierre-Louis, Theodore, Joseph, Laroche, Alexandre, Desiré and more. I am also exremely blessed to have friends I consider like family :) Esecially Guerla and her fam (you know who you are).

So yeah!!! That's my fam!


Day 12: Five guys whom you find attractive

Oh, that's easy. Physically, I have a thing for 

-Older, slightly muscular guys with a bit of beard.
-Guys that are just CLEAN...that dress well. 
-Men in suits

NUMBER ONE, the hottest ever 
Javier Bardem
Pénélope, God Bless You. You lucky, lucky woman.

Number two
Blair Underwood
He was hot in EVERY movie he's made. Ever since Set it Off, it was a wrap.

Number three
Ryan Gosling (ESPECIALLY in Crazy, Stupid Love)
And he's Canadian. 

Number four
Michael Ealy. Let's just forget about his belly and psycho/crazy character in "For Colored Girls" and focus on how good he looked in Beyoncé's "Halo" video and in "Think Like a Man"

Number five
Boris Kodjoe
Mmmm....that scene where he cooks for Sanaa Lathan in Brown Sugar...mmmm

And a little extra...

Jake Gylenhaal
I don't know why. Maybe it's the eyes. The messy hair? There's something



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  1. Nice, but you blew it with that last choice!

  2. Trooop mignonne ta photo de famille!!!

    Et pour les hot guys: beau classement :)


  3. Awesome blog! would you mind following each other via bloglovin? :) x

    /Malin @ http://fashionfied.tk


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