July 31, 2012

My 5 favorite products/items this summer

I get a lot of questions about this! I could go on forever about my new/old favorite products but decided to limit this article to my top 5.

Check out my faves this summer:

1. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Conditioner

Dude. This works like MAGIC! Not too long ago, I heard about this thing called Co-Washing (washing your hair only with conditioner, it really works) and I tried tons of conditioners and was not impressed...I also wasn't down to pay more than 10$ for a conditioner I would be using almost every single day. After reading this article on CurlyNikki, I decided to try the HEHH and was pleasantly surprised! It's super cheap (about 6$ for the biggest size) and worked wonderfully on my short hair. It moisturizes my hair completely, makes it a bit too easy to detangle and also works well as a deep conditioner. I strongly suggest it. 

Available at pharmacies, Wal-Mart etc.

2. MAC Girl About Town super bright pink lipstick

Again, something I discovered by accident. Those girls at MAC are really good at making you buy a dozen articles when you only came for two! I love this lipstick & think I will be re-purchasing it, especially since it adds the perfect punch to any simple outfit. Oh, and Beyoncé wears it so it's obviously awesome. Hehehe...

Available at MAC Stores

3. Eco Styler Olive Oil gel

Thank you, Patricia, for making me discover this gel. It worked pretty well on my permed hair and works even better on my natural hair as it perfectly defines my curls and gives me waves for days. And it is ALCOHOL FREE so won't damage your hair! Some people have complained about the "crunch" it gives to the hair but I don't mind.

Available in Montreal at Mama Africa and probably other beauty supply stores.

4. Anastasia Brow Wiz

The best. Damn. Eyebrow. Pencil. EVER! A little bit pricey ($26 CDN) but it's worth every penny. People are always asking me about my eyebrows and I tell them I ONLY use the pencil: No under-brow illuminator, no brow shadow...just the pencil. It comes with a little brush on one side and the super thin, no-need-to-sharpen pencil on the other side. I can't get enough of it! It looks even nicer after I've had my eyebrows threaded at Dee's. Those Indian ladies do a great job, by the way. 

Available at Sephora.

5. Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15

Since I have combination skin, I usually hate using any type of foundation or powder at all. Occasionally, I will use my classic MAC NW43 Studio Fix powder. So here's how I discovered the only liquid foundation I like: My Anastasia brow pencil was finished, my eyebrows were a mess and therefore, I needed an eyebrow pencil the SAME DAY. I quickly went to TheBay in Brossard in order to purchase my 2nd favorite brow pencil at the Clinique counter. While shopping, the girl noticed I had no makeup (as usually) and asked if she could test this foundation on me since she had never tried it on a black girl. I let her do it and TAH DAH!!! She made a sale and I discovered my every day, super lightweight, creamy foundation! It's matte and so light (kind of like a tinted moisturizer) that I just put a little bit on my fingers and rub it on my face like I would do with face cream! I love it! The color is perfect and I adore the fact that although it barely shows, it does an amazing job at evening my skin tone. For more info, click here.

So tell me: What are your favorite products this summer?

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  1. Good post Sarah!

    Mine are I guess a bit more male oriented lol...

    1. Camo shorts.
    2. Pretty much any faded color pants, cuffed or not cuffed.
    3. Finally, admitted that I can't find the style of Vans I like anymore and now just buy more Chucks.
    4. You didn't say only fashion so i'll also add; Tacos. It's crazy in DC right now, everyone's serving them.
    5. I'm trying out some new clippers for black men later this week, i'll let you know, but that may be my fifth. It's a hair clipper and a trimmer. We'll see.


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