December 31, 2012

2012: A visual retrospective on this awesome year

As I looked back on the previous year, I realized: "DAMN! A lot has happened". Not only I believe I've grown TREMENDOUSLY (I believe this past year was one of my most significative years in terms of personal growth), but I also met amazing people, ate great food and traveled to cool places. Here are a few highlights from this past year in Sassou's life :)

Oh and before you look at the pics, you can click here to see my 12 positive things about 2012! I would also like to point out that I am writing this post from Miami and although I love my city, I wouldn't mind staying a few more....years. Lol.  Bye! Happy new year!




I met Idris Elba! And finally got my name on a plate at Buona Notte :D
(well..more like my initials. Next to my not so hot cat drawing. Lol)

Cazal glasses like whoa

The first out of MANY dentist appointments

All of these happened...I kept my resolutions

Goodbye Thierry! Just before he moved to Paris.


HELLOOOO Blue Ivy. It has nothing to do with me but hey, I love Beyonce. 

Cooking at the chalet

The beginning of an obsession

Goofing around with the Miss Afrique contestants. Unforgettable memories.

Still sexy in winter hehe


Sunset in Washington D.C.

Another great night at Buona Notte

Fitness! When I started going to the gym really often.

Absolute BEST restaurant I have tried this year: Osteria Venti 

The student strikes ughhhh. Oh and March wasn't that cold this year eh.


I can't believe I was wearing my leather jacket in March! Thank you mother Nature.


LMFAO hahahahaha look at my sister

Dan Dan poutine at Banquise: Sausage, bacon, onions, fries, cheese and gravy!
Instant cholesterol stroke.
But I'll survive. 

Yummy caviar at my aunt's 60th birthday

Great brunch spot on Bernard st.

Vintage Style Lab photo shoot. I still model....sometimes.


NYC with my lil sister! Eating cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery...yummyyy

Mmmm the Keg

Patricia walking in Brooklyn

Yeahhhhh I rollerbladed a lot this year

Happy Mother's day to my beauuuutiful mommy!

Love this vintage skirt! One of my favorite buys this year.


Bob Sinclar! Awesoooomeee

Cape Cod sunset

Cape Cod! So beautiful!

My cooking!!! Cote de veau and salmon + risotto

Me and my girls + Sis at Bob Sinclar


Another rollerblading day around the Old Port

Summer BBQ in Brossard with the girls

Creme Brulee banana tarte at Balthazar in NYC (Soho) SO GOOD


Me and my boy Jeremie aka Notorius Nou at the Chromeo Concert

Awesome album. Awesome artist. Awesome and addictive song. 

I cut all of my hair! Yoooo! 

Fresh haircut. The moment I discovered Eco Styler gel

Foie gras at Méchant Boeuf

My beautiful Ray Ban sunglasses...As I am writing this, I am also wondering where they are. I lost them and am in deep mourning.


My favorite couple Vanoush and Munti at Festival Mode & Design. Hellooo gift bags hehehe

Festival Mode et Design in Montreal

Jameson's birthday party, one of the best this year.
R.I.P. Jameson's liver lol

I love winning stuff! Thank you Curly Nikki

Me and my gyaaaalllsss

Great service and good food at Bevo with my girl and foodie companion Djene

Yo I hadn't gotten braids since high school. 

Jamaica with my sister! Great trip!


Jennifer was leaving to Prague! I miss her.

Le Cartet soon became my favorite Sunday brunch spot

Family pic with mommy and sis!

I love Pinot Noir. For real. 

Reconnected with my amazing godson Roberto. Isn't he gorgeous?


Dinner with my girls at Bevo! Love getting all of us together :)


Finally got a new laptop dammit

Mom's bday brunch. Made everything from scratch (including the menu)

Toqué book launch aka multiple foodgasm night


I love that hat. I wear it all of the time now.

Foodgasm at La Colombe (French restaurant, bring your own wine)

You guys went CRAZY on this Instagram pic! Cooked pasta with creamy spinach pesto and grilled shrimp.

Whoaaa my hair grew :O

This picture made me laugh for days

SOOOOOO true. So good. 

Awesome family day with my sis and godson

New tattoo! Infinite faith


I DIEDDDDDDD looooll I love the grumpy cat!

Coaching the Miss Afrique pageant contestants for a 2nd year in a row!

Oh yeahhh raccoon fur yeaaaahhhh! Notable awards.

Bday dinner at Toro

Greaaaat ceviche at Captain's Tavern in Miami

Yummy mango caipirinha at Segafredo
They need to bring Segafredo back in Montreal! Real talk!

At the beach. Not ashamed of my braces anymore #TakemeasIam

In Miami!

2nd Bday dinner at les Infidèles


  1. LOVE IT girl ! So uniquely YOU.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR ! xoxo

  2. Pretty cool. You have done amaazing things for yourself. My granma use to say: charité bien ordonnée conmence par soi-même. Clearly, she is right
    。☆ 。☆。☆
    ★☆ 2013! ☆★
    。☆ 。☆。☆



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