January 29, 2013

Home decor dreams

Am I the only one who is totally obsessed with Pinterest? All I do is pin pin pin no matter what...got pinning on my mind I can never give it up *T-Pain computerized voice*. Because of Pinterest, all I wanna do is cook, decorate, plan an imaginary wedding and buy overly expensive fashion items *sigh*.

One of the things many of you may not know about me is that I absolutely love art and home decor. I have fun helping my friends decorate their new homes and it's a pleasure for me to visit all of the decor and furniture websites. I just like it! And I have a very particular taste! Some of the things I enjoy are (and not limited to):

-Modern mixed/vintage decor
-Indoor brick walls. 
-Lots of framed images, pictures and art on the walls.
-Flowers and candles everywhere
-Black and white
-Standing baths. Separate glass rain shower. 
-Wooden floors. I am anti carpet.
-Chandeliers & sexy lighting.
-Large windows

Check out some of my favourite items and designs from my Pinterest and Tumblr after the break!

Although this bathroom is rather "Manly", I love its simplicity

Standing bath and brick wall? HELLO!

Simple chic

Dream exterior

Modern but cozy

Fashion x Flowers 



Very cute little bar

Mirrors and pictures. Creative.

Gorgeous loft! Check out the windows, wow!

Fab! Dream closet

I love beds like this

Black, white and green.

Bathroom with a vintage feel. I love the hanging mirror.

Pi├Ęce de resistance! This turquoise dresser does it all.

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