January 29, 2013

Track of the Day: Daley ft Marsha Ambrosius x Alone Together

Track of the day? Yes. 
New song: No.
Addictive? Yes.

Although this British singer is only 23 years old, Daley is able to seduce us with his soulful voice. I haven't been in love with a new r'n'b song in awhile...This song kind of reminds me of the Remy Shand and Joe days, when the song "Take a Message"was on my iPod's Top 25 Most played. I really hope that Daley remains underground and authentic regardless of the fame. I'm just sayin. And I am absolutely in love with his style, his haircut and the thick glasses. 

Check out the video for this jam and the free mixtape download link after the break! 

Click here to download his free mix tape. Don't you just LOVE free mixtapes? 

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