February 2, 2013

[BEAUTY] DL Esthétique Media Event X My first facial (Full Oxygen Treatment)

On January 30th, 2013, DL Esthétique held a media event in their Nun's Island clinic. I was very anxious to attend this occasion since my knowledge about advanced skin care was minimal. In essence, I saw this as a learning opportunity.

Their media event was held not only to celebrate their one year anniversary, but also for the media to gain a greater understand of aesthetics & the services they offer. My sister and I were greeted with
champagne, other yummy appetizers and then, we were introduced to the two friendly owners/entrepreneurs: Djénane Perard and Lisa Anella. Throughout their "5 à 7" (our Quebec term for "happy hour"), guests got the benefits of witnessing some of the procedures offered by DL Esthétique (more information on that later) via several demonstrations in addition to getting their questions answered by the owners and staff. 

Clockwise: Me and Joël Vautour/Yummy chocolate covered strawberries/Getting a 15 minute massage.

Here are a few interesting facts about this company and their Nun's Island facility.

-DL Esthetique is located less than 10 minutes from downtown Montreal; if you are coming from the South Shore, it is less than 5 minutes away from the Champlain Bridge.

-This company's mission is "To combine our skills in fashion and esthetics with the aime of offering our Nuns Island clientele high end advanced esthetic care in a peaceful yet professional setting; using leading edge technologies, highly concentrated skin-care products containing collagen, elastin , vitamin C with peptides and other antioxidants to give you noticeable results after each visit". 

-Their amicable yet professional aestheticians have removed extensive training in laser hair removal, non surgical and ultrasound procedures and more. They are also greatly qualified in product knowledge and promise to ensure an excellent experience to the customers.

-Some of the services & treatments they offer are: Skin tightening, IPL Rejuvenation, Oxygen treatments, non-surgical lifting, microdermabrasion, deep clean facials and massage therapy. 

-They use products by Clayton Shagal, a Quebec based company using German advanced technologies. 

Included with my Press Kit was....*drum rolls*.....a gift certificate for a facial! I had never gotten one so you can imagine my excitement. I did not want to wait so I booked an appointment for the next day.


Fast forward to the next morning...

I was back in their simple yet chic establishment. Aretta, the aesthetician, greeted me, took my coat and gave me a clinical questionnaire to fill up. I was then brought to THE room where they conduct their treatments. Finally, after a quick but effective analysis of my skin, she concluded that the best facial for my very dry skin was the full Oxygen treatment. Although I had witnessed part of that treatment the day before, I could not wait to see what it could really do to my face! 

Their reception area. (Picture taken from their Facebook page)

-The idea behind this treatment is to revitalize the skin. Oxygen is used along with vitamins, enzymes minerals and amino acids to refresh and nourish skin cells. 

-It is ideal for dry or mature skin, but can be beneficial for all skin types 

-The effect is a firmer, suppler skin surface.

-It is believed that oxygen can stimulate the growth of new cells as well as restore skin moisture.

Check out a short video talking about this facial just below.

Okay people. A facial is not a joke! It isn't just a little mask or little treatment, a good facial will be done using a specific procedure leading to an amazing experience.   


First, I had to remove my top and put a tube-top like toweled top (in my own intimacy, of course) & then, lay on the table/bed.

Picture taken from their Facebook page

1) Cleanser. Aretta cleaned my face and neck using the Clayton Shagal cleanser.

2) Exfoliation or "gommage". Goodbye, dead skin. 

3) Enzymatic peel. Basically, they use enzymes from papaya and grapefruit for this face peel. It felt pretty good.

4) Extraction. That was by far my least favorite experience but I do recognize the benefits. To sum it up, she used a small pointy tong and her fingers to....remove all of my black heads and white heads. Ouch! But hey...I have no more black heads, white heads OR zits...#Amen

5) Disinfection. A high frequency machine was used for that part. Look at the previous procedure...disinfection was a must.

6) Oxygen injection (no needle). That was very interesting. First, she would apply a serum on a small part of my face and then she used a machine to inject oxygen into my skin.

7) Face mask. Okay so Aretta put a thick layer of the mask on my face. Then....get ready.....She then covered my eyes and put a mask on my face (Think about what they put on patients at the hospital to help them breathe)! I had to breathe oxygen for 10 minutes! This particular procedure was interesting...strange, but relaxing. If you are claustrophobic, they can use another method to replace this step.

8) Antioxydant. They sprayed my face & neck with antioxidants to seal the moisture. This process is called nebulization.

9) Creams & lightening serum. They complete the process by applying some creams to my face and adding lightening serum to the uneven and driest parts of my face to make my skin more uniform.

I will be buying these products
My face never felt so moisturized. Ever. On top of leaving there with skin as soft as a baby's butt, I also learned these interesting facts:

-The first 5 layers of our skin are constituted of...dead skin. OH!
-I have uneven colouring in my face, mainly due to my dry skin. My forehead has the most visible discolouration...ohhhh...
-Buying products which have sunscreen in them is NOT ENOUGH! Sunscreen is not meant to penetrate your skin but instead, should remain at the surface for protection. So to protect your skin from the sun, you have to apply moisturizer and then apply sunscreen. Multiple times during the day. Yes. You heard me.
-When applying a face mask, it is important that your skin is well moisturized as the face mask can have drying effects.

Finally, I can say that I will definitely go back there for another facial in 3 months! I strongly suggest this place! Not only is the facial beneficial for you, but the staff is professional and friendly.

DL Esthétique Avancée
38 Place du Commerce, suite 205
L'Île des Soeurs, Montréal (Québec)
H3E 1T8
(514) 762-9508
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Special thanks to my sister Patricia for coming to the event with me! She will be getting her facial on Tuesday, February 5th: Follow us on Twitter as she will be documenting her own experience on that day! Another warm thanks to the gorgeous Joel Vautour from RSVP magazine for the invite!

Sources for the article: DL Esthétique Press Kit, Wikipedia & Essortman.com

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