February 24, 2013

[MUSIC] Top 5 playlist: February

My relationship with music is strange. Some of the songs I hate the most (i.e. 2 Chainz "I'm Different") I know by heart, but I only know the chorus to my favourite songs. It might be because I hate most commercial music yet, I hear it all the time so in conclusion, not only do I unconsciously learn them by heart, but I also lose a few brain cells while singing them. 


These 5 songs are literally on REPEAT right now! By the way, the song by Daley is also on repeat but since I already talked about him, I will not include him in this article. See the songs after the break!

1. J.Cole ft Miguel: Power Trip

So good. I love J. Cole's flow and you guys already know how I feel about Miguel.

2. Suit & Tie

Justin is back! I personally like all of his songs, I was not bored by one of them and this one is so catchy. Who remembers his Grammy performance last week? Awwww...Justin. 

3. Elle Varner "Not Tonight"

I've been hooked on her album "Perfectly Imperfect" since last fall and this song is my favourite. Her sultry voice will mesmerize you completely. Talented girl. 

4. Tamar Braxton "Love and War"

I can't stand Tamar Braxton's diva attitude. However, I can't deny that she is pretty and is talented in the voice department.. So I listen to this song and pretend like it's not her singing it (mental image). 

5. Kendrick Lamar ft Drake "Poetic Justice"

It's been out for awhile but I'm not tired of it yet! Kendrick Lamar's flow is SICKKKK (He destroyed "F*ck*n Problem) and I love how Janet Jackson's "Any time, any place" was remixed. Repeat! 

My playlist is a pretty good proof of my love for r'n'b....

What are your faves this month?

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