February 11, 2013

Top 10 best dressed at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Some celebs were well dressed while others were...meh! Let's focus on the ones who killed it and discuss a few fails. Which ones were your faves? More pictures after the break!

#1 Kelly Rowland in a George Chakra Couture gown

She destroyed them with that dress. Her body!

#2 Nas 

Now this is classy!

#3 Carrie Underwood


#4 Solange

She always keeps it real and original.

#5 Chris Brown in his Lanvin suit

Love it or hate it...I love it.
#6 Luke James

Awww nice suit!

#7 Rihanna

Of course.
#8 Justin Timberlake in his suit and tie :D

Classy awwww

#9 John Legend and his girlfriend Chrissy Teigen

They're so cute together, their outfits were on point

#10 BeyoncĂ© in her Osman Yousefzada jumpsuit. Yes. I love you Bee but I had to put Solange on top...Bey almost didn't make it because of these horrible Le-Chateau-Like open toed shoes.

These 5 almost made it to the list...however...

1. Miguel

The shoes. WHY??? This outfit could've been nice. 

2. J-LO

The dress is sexy and simple but the hairstyle...no.

3. Katy Perry

Maybe it's her face on that picture....or the fact that the dress is blah...maybe a slit could've been nice. I don't know it's just wrong. 

4. Drake

Everything could've been nice if his pants weren't so basic.

5. Alicia Keys

Why do I feel like I've seen this dress somewhere in St-Hubert plaza?

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