April 6, 2013

SUWU restaurant opening: Feel the vibe

Just when I though my Wednesday night couldn't get any more basic, the opening of the SUWU restaurant on St-Laurent spiced up my evening. Its great wooden chalet atmosphere with an old school hiphop vibe didn't only catch my attention, it will definitely have me coming back. I actually forgot I was in Montreal for a couple of hours. The comfort soul food reminded me of California. 
SUWU remodeled, remixed and made a major upgrade from the old Cafeteria. 

Understand the vibe as you read the article: Listen to & download the SUWU mixtape vol.1 for FREE Here

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***Look out for their mac and cheese grilled cheese!***

Cocktails such as Wu Tang were served. (Wu Tang: Sake, vodka, litchi, grapes and lime)

                                   The cocktail list also had some very interesting names 

Their classic beef tartar with dijon mayonnaise, beets and marinated onions was simply amazing. I loved the taste. I could seriously eat ten of those little hors d'oeuvres. 

 Then the cheeseburger empanadas came and my night couldn't have got any better. 

 ( Rosemary fries)

 Thanks to TRACEY BROOKE PR for all of the organisation skills and the great PR
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