June 5, 2010

GOOD EATS! Buns, on Ste-Catherine

Ok so my bf is staying downtown, but more towards the west side (atwater). I'm reallly not used to that area and whenever I walk around there, I discover amazing new places! Like the other day, I walked past a lil burger joint called "Buns" and was really intrigued. From outside you see a little window with someone making burgers and potatoes on the grill. And in the corner of the window you can read their limited menu (hamburger, double hamburger, veggie burger with portobello mushrooms, grilled potatoes, soft drink....thats it) and I don't know why this intrigued me so much. But hey, I had stuff to do and never stopped to eat. 

Days went by, I kept thinking about it. I wanted that burger!

So last week I finally went. So you go in, the dude asks you what you want, I tell him id like a burger with no pickles (each burger usually comes with tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, onions, mayo, mustard, ketchup and free mozzarella), the grilled potatoes and a Coke. The he tells me "Great, it'll be 10 to 15 minutes". WHAT??? Wtf.....anyways i frowned a little and sat down to wait for the burger. Good thing about this little place is that they had great music and good speakers....I hadn't heard the No Doubt album in a while...anyways...after a little while I finally got my order....and.....

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEFINITELY WORTH THE WAIT!! DAMNNN!!! I wanted to keep the best for last so I started off with the potatoes...I don't know how they make them so freakin delightul. I think they use some of the spices that they use for the burgers...grilled and spiced to perfection (for once, i didn't have to add salt), perfect with some ketchup. Then....."pa padaaaaaaaa"...the burger! Very good!! The meat was also perfectly spiced, and I liked the way they put the tomato and mayonnaise under the burger and not on top (I hate how it always slides whenever I take a bite). The bread was also amazing, not like the cheap ass burger bread you find everywhere else! It was even grilled a little, something I adore. Only thing was that I found the burger a little small for the bun and the ingredients, but it still tasted great.

And all of that for only 7$!!!!!! Tax included! The burger (4$) potatoes (2$) and drink (1$)! NIIICE! Its definitely worth the wait! But while you wait: good music, and funny staff!

So if you're on a budget, around Atwater or Guy metro station and want a great meal with a burger, I strongly suggest this joint! My mouth is watering as I am writing :P

1855 Ste-Catherine Ouest (between St-Marc and St-Mathieu)
Montréal, Québec

P.S. When I went on twitter to share my joy, everyone was like "OMG you're so late" lol but hey, better late than sorry right?

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