June 5, 2010

Recipe of the week: Sassou's sassy quiche

Mmmm i always loved quiche, but I never had one that made me go like WOW! So I decided to invent my own and its sooooooo good!! I'm telling you!!! I made it for myself a couple of times in the past and when I made it at my mom's brunch the other day, everyone loved it!! It takes less than half an hour to make and about 20 minutes in the oven! Here's the recipe :)

For one pie, you will need:
-A pie shell (they sell em in a box of two in the frozen section at the grocery store)
-6 eggs
-The big ham, diced
-One large onion, sliced
-One pack of spinach
-Spices (to your taste, of course, I used GOYA Adobo, garlic powder and herbs)
-Half a cup of grated cheddar (I like the marble one)
-Half a cup of grated mozzarella
-Butter or margarine
-One tablespoon of corn starch (or flour)

(for the cheese, if you prefer one over the other, you can just use a cup of it instead of the two)

-Put the pie shell in the oven for about 15 minutes on 375 degrees. While it is heating....
-In a large pan, caramelize the onions. For those who do not know what that means, you should heat some butter, a bit of oil and then when everything is real hot, add the onions and reduce the heat to medium. Let the onions get very very tender and if you see that they start to burn, add a couple of teaspoons of water. I also always add a spoon of sugar (to give it the dark color) and some salt and pepper. When you see that the onions are a nice brown color and ares super tender, turn off the heat.
-Remove pie shell from the oven, add the caramelized onions, put aside.
-Crank up the heat in the oven to 425 degrees.
-In the same pan you caramelized the onions, heat some oil (or butter) and add the ham, just a couple of minutes to give a it a nice color. DO NOT overcook. When ready, add it on top of the caramelized onions in the pie. 
-In that same pan, again (for the taste :) ), heat up a teaspoon of butter and cook the spinach. Guys, spinach looks huge when it is in the pack, but once you cook it it really, reaaaaaaally reduces lol so don't think you're doing something wrong if you only end up with a smaller quantity! When ready, add it on top of the ham in the pie.
-In a large bown, mix the eggs with the spices, corn starch and half of the grated cheeses.
-Add the beated eggs to the pie...its starting to look good!!!
-Then, at the end, add the rest of the cheese on top of the quiche.
-Put in the pre-heated oven for about 20 minutes. Serve and enjoy!! mmmmm

-If you dont have ham, use any good meat you have! I've done it with bacon, bologna etc.
-The cheese is really to your taste. If you have less than the required quantity, it's still gonna be good.
-You can do it with other veggies, if you don't like spinach. Its also great with brocoli, red pepper etc :)

Here is my mom cutting the pie...mmm :)

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  1. YUMMMY! Can't wait to try that recipe! =]


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