October 5, 2010

Montreal Fashion Week: 19th edition (Day 3)

Another day full of fashion! This post is dedicated to the lovely Fabiani (on the picture with me) who attended MFW for the first time, and believe me, she will be back! I spent the day at the showroom with Ralph Leroy, and then I attended 4 SHOWS with Dimi and Fabi. We had a blast! Well, it was partly due to the champagne. I have to admit that one new thing I appreciated during this edition of MFW was the yummy appetizers in the Cocktail Lounge. Yummy salmon, yummy cucpcakes and more! Great idea! So here's what I thought about the shows!

Okay so let's start with Serum, by Marta M. Not a lot of people, artificial grass on the runway, barefoot models and so-so clothes. I guess I am really not part of her target market, as her clothes are more destined to be super comfortable and for an older crowd. Not that I don't like comfortable clothes (I am wearing baggy sweat pants as I am writing), but....I just didn't like anything. It kind of reminded me of those clothes you see at Reitmans....

Next show: Lovas! It was nice!! Unfortunately, I do not have pictures since the battery for my camera was charging! A lot of pink, a lot of black, a lot of nice clothes. The designer, Wesley Badanjak, is originally from Toronto and was very nice. When I asked him: "Why use the color pink? Don't you think it was a bit stereotypical?", he replied that when he did research on the color pink, he discovered many interesting scientific details about it, notably that there were subtle designs visible on that color. I never would have guessed! The clothes were rather conservative and flirty, with pant suits and feminine dresses. Here is a picture from the MFW Website.

Collection Iris came after. Not bad! But not wow. Plain, work clothes, a lot of black, brown and beige. A lot of suits. Not a lot that I would wear, really. But I am sure many working women out there would love it! I particulartly liked this suit, with the shirt under. One day, when I have to wear a suit, i would probably wear something like that. The picture is also from the MFW website, since mine was quite blurry (Note to self: Buy a new camera soon).

After...it was time for the most anticipated show of the night! Soia & Kyo!! Their colorful coats always impress me, and they usually have something ultra-special during their show. Who remembers when Eve Gravel appeared on the runway for them! It was epic! This year, however, the coats were cute, and the show was not bad (Maybe my expectations were too high).  The "nerdy" look they gave to the models was fun to watch! I found their leather coats for men original, and ESPECIALLY liked the dark blue coat for women that appeared at the end of the show: It had gold zippers everywhere! And the bracelets with the coat? Beautiful! Check out the picture of that coat! I have to admit that I miss their usually vibrant colors, as most of the coats were brown, dark blue, beige or black. I appreciated their nice trench coats, would definitely wear one of them. As usual, their gift bag was cute (and reusable, nice!): It had a mouse pad, their lookbook, a mini wallet and a keychain. Awwww...

OOOOH!!! And that day, I also met HERBY MOREAU!!! One of my icons! I was really happy about that! Here I am with him :)

Then, Day 3 was over :( Click SEE MORE to see other pictures I took!
Serum, by Marta M

Collection IRIS


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