October 15, 2010

NYC Baby! Sassou's hot spots

I went to NYC recently and actually decided to be a TOURIST. 

I've been going to New York almost every year of my life but only for 1-Caribana (Labour Day Weekend)  2-Haitian Festivals and 3-Intense, guilt-free shopping. So the last time I went I wanted it to be a bit different. Well except for the shopping. I mean, you can't go to NYC and not shop. This wouldn't make any sense! I stayed at the Manhattan at Time Square hotel, which was really well located (read the title..hehe) and gave us great service...thanks Dad for the hookup. Here are some of the things I did there:

-I did the Sex & The City tour, which was great! I'm really obsessed by that show so I had a blast visiting all the hot spots from SATC (the movie and the shows), for example: Where Charlotte's dog got gangbanged and where Carrie was supposed to get married in the first movie. We also had cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, cosmopolitans and more. I suggest this tour if you are a fan! I even got to meet fans from all around the world! Twas was very niiiiice (Borat voice).

-I went on a 3 hour cruise around Manhattan, which was interesting especially because I had never, ever seen the Statue of Liberty. It/she/he looks like a Roman shemale....anyways maybe it's just me. The weather was beautiful that day, but towards the end of the cruise, i was kind of getting a bit bored. I mean, how many bridges can a city have? Geesh.

-Went to eat at Buddakan, the restaurant where Carrie and Big had their engagement party in the first SATC movie. Yes I know I'm obsessed...but anyways. It was really good! Nice, dimmed lights created a nice ambiance in this restaurant which served asian-fusion inspired well decorated and tasty meals. Make reservations in advance! I had the spicy tuna tartare served on an avocado salad. Yummy!

-Went to many bars and lounges in the Meatpacking District. I loved how most bars/lounges were free and had affordable drinks. My favorite one was the rooftop lounge at the Gansevoort Hotel. Beautiful. Classy. Chic. FREE ENTRANCE, just dress nice and have I.D. 

-Went shopping at the Marc by Marc Jacobs accessories store on Bleeeker street in the West Village (my favorite neighborhood in NYC). Guys can you believe this? Marc Jacobs accessories and t-shirts for under 100$!! I got a water bottle (6$), a tote (15$) and a school bag for my sister (20$). It was nice, but super packed. Of course! (Note to readers: I read that this specific store was recently shut down and replaced by a Marc Jacobs Collection Accessories store...much more expensive. HAHAHAHA! So happy I went when it wasn't expensive!!).

-Laughed my ass off at a comedy show in the Upper East side called "The Comic Strip" (Dave Chappelle, Jerry Seinfeld etc.. all performed there in the past). Kind of expensive though...I mean, it's a two drink minimum, and each drink is over 10$...hum....PLUS you have to buy a ticket to get in, which was (if I remember well) about 15-20$. Whatever! It was funny and worth it. 

-Went shopping in the hood, aka, Jamaica Avenue in Queens.  This is where you'll find very, very good deals, especially if you are african-american/black/mixed and looking for your usual hair products, which you will find 5 times cheaper than in Canada. Booyah! And the sales are RIDICULOUS! Hello 5$ jeggings at Conway ! Hello 20$ fly boots!

-Ate some greasy NYC pizza, a few hot dogs and of course, the halal gyro (lamb pita) they sell on the street corners. 

-Saw a couple of crazy people in the subway and elsewhere. You haven't really been to NYC if you haven't seen someone talking to themselves or a crackhead screaming/singing/preaching in the metro. Also, got lost in the subway and ended up in Brooklyn. Damn you, R train!

-Went vintage shopping on 9th street between 1st and 2nd Avenue. Bought those fly Laura Biagotti vintage sunglasses! Check them out right below!

And...yea!! I'm pretty sure I forgot a lot of things. But it was AWESOME! Can't wait to go back! This is one of my favorite cities in the world, I would live there in a heartbeat! Here's a lil video. I get nostalgic every time I hear this song...then i think of when Lil Mama ruined the performance at the MTV Movie Awards and I laugh, laugh, laugh...


  1. New York City is my city! Why didn't you visit some museums? I think the FIT museum (Fashion Institute & Technology) would be something you'd be interested in, since it's all about Fashion!

  2. Enjoyed this post. I sent the link to my daughter.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing it! I am glad you liked it :)


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