March 28, 2011

What Sassou wore: South Beach fashion week

You guys know how I have no shame in my game. I officially found out I was going to Miami three days before my flight, so no time for shopping! I didn't even plan on buying clothes there, since I knew my schedule would be busy busy busy! So.....I had to look through my closet, get creative and re-invent looks with older clothes! And I think it worked out *sigh* Sometimes you gotta work with watchu' got!

-Checkered orange shirt from
Le Ch√Ęteau that is about 8 years old
-Wide legged Moschino jeans, bought at Winners, 3 years ago :)
-Vintage gold clutch: Used to belong to my mom, in the 80's
-Belt: ADS (click HERE if you don't know what store that is...hehehe)
-Earrings: From the bottom of my earrings drawer, no freakin' idea where they're from. 
-Flashy blue shoes (see below)...bought at a little boutique in Miami

-Dress: Sirens (believe it or not!)
-Belt: From Le Ch√Ęteau also. Extremely, extremely old. Notice how it is present in many older pictures.
-Earrings: Forever 21
-Cotton navy blue clutch with gold buckle: ADS 
-Shoes: BCBG Girls (also worn at Montreal Fashion Week in February 2010)

-Dress: Boodwar (Also worn at my last birthday but it doesn't count because it was winter and super cold and I wore it with tights )
-Flashy orange clutch (inspired by one of my favorite Spring trends for ladies): Borrowed it from my little sister. No idea where she bought it!
-Hoop earrings: Aldo
-Glittered gold shoes: Also bought at a little boutique in Miami


See? Not bad eh? Unless the clothes don't fit you anymore, you don't have to throw them away! Trends always come back and it's not about what you wear, but HOW you wear it!

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