March 12, 2011

Montreal Fashion Week's 20th edition: A sassy recap, 1 month later

I know I'm late. But when Fashion Week arrives right before mid-terms....and there is Spring Break right after those know the rest!

Denis Gagnon

I've decided to focus on the shows which made me go WOW! In other words, I will talk about the shows I actually remember 1 month later...:P I really wish I could've assisted the Nu Fashion show, since I really liked Vickie Joseph's collection, especially after modeling some of their clothes in the past! Next year it well be! This article will focus on: Ralph Leroy, Cluc Couture, Denis Gagnon, Marie Saint-Pierre and Barilà.  Big thanks to Dimitri Rousseau for taking some wonderful pictures! Check out his photography blog here

Once again, I helped
Ralph Leroy this year, as he opened MFW20 with a speech and a delightful show, as employees from Kalalu walked around serving some yummy apetizers from their restaurant. I'm not really understanding why many reviews only focused on the speech and on the clothes and did not mention the great food that was going around! You guys know how much I love food as much as fashion :) Anyways, the griot, accras etc... were great! And Ralph Leroy's new women's line is classically stunning! Can't wait to see where it all goes! The wool coats, distinguished designs (especially the skirts) and vibrant colors are definitely something to stay tuned for! Let me not even start talking about the hot male models.... (credits for the RL pictures: Jimmy Hamelin)

My French speakers can read my Barilà review for Souche Magazine by clicking HERE ! The show was cute, I would've worn almost every piece. Loved the retro looks, hats, faux leather, faux-fur and pastel colors. Didn't like the fact that not one, not two, not three, but FOUR models almost broke their buts on the runway. I'd suggest more comfortable shoes or shoes that actually fit the models! #ImJustSayin My favorite ensemble from this collection? The faux-leather leggings with the brown faux-fur poncho, perfect for a night out in Spring Time. 

My favorite!!!!

Cluc Couture amazed me! Now THAT is what I call a show! Starting a fashion show with the finale? Touché! Loved the weird but cool music, the exaggeration of black eyeliner on the models, the fast walk, the clothes (of course) and most importantly, the fact that they used a plus size model: The beautiful Gerardine Jeune KILLED the runway. I wanna see more from them! 

Denis Gagnon's reign was once again, unbeatable. Russian doll looking models strut the runway wearing platforms, colorful accessories and lots and lots of black leather! Those who were waiting to see his usual eloquent drapery-like dresses were fairly surprised! The second part of his show was litterally a surprise, as an explosion of color manifested itself so unexpectedly that it left a couple of attendees speechless. Although I preferred the first part (my love for black is undeniable), I congratulate the designer for his colorful approach. 

Marie Saint-Pierre showed what 20 years in fashion is all about: Grace and audacity. Beautiful models wearing classical hats showcased a selection of clothing representing the young modern women that is beautiful, refined, and somehow conservative. I loved the sophisticated cuts, the greys, blacks, gold, cream, orange and especially the selection of unique jewelry. Although my love for this designer is especially for her darker pieces, I admired how her choice of colors was sometimes subtle, sometimes intense (like the orange coat, for example). Marie Saint Pierre knows how to portray elegant simplicity and knows how to reinvent her brand while maintaining her distinguished style! Bravo!

My favorite piece! Would totally see a celebrety wearing it on the red carpet at the Oscar's :)

P.S. Notice how all the models are like, clones? I love it!

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