May 30, 2011

Restaurant review: For a trendy burger restaurant downtown, go to I-Burger

Last Tuesday, at around 3 p.m: After work , before Jeanne's shift. As we met on the corners of Peel and Ste-Catherine:

-Me: Yoooo 
-Jeanne: Yooooooooooo 
-Me: I'm hungry
-Jeanne: Me too!! 
-Me: Yoooo what's your budget?
-Jeanne: I dunno like 20 bucks?
-Me: Okkk ok me too (sigh). So I heard about this place called I-Burger downtown. Let's go see and if it's too expensive we'll just got to Mister Steer. Nahhh mean?
-Jeanne: Aiiighhhtt I'm down chikita

Turned out to be a great choice! Located on the always-busy Metcalfe street, the atmosphere was pretty calm when we entered: This was already an interesting aspect for me. Brick walls on one side, painted designs on the opposite wall, dark chairs and....wait...the girl had no menu in her hands. I was already freaking out, thinking "Here it goes. Now we're gonna have to wait for the menus, then wait another 30 minutes until she comes back to take our orders etc etc." However, I was quickly proven wrong and on top of that, was pleasantly surprised. Since I did not have time to research about the restaurant before going, I had no idea about the concept! I work nearby and had gotten good "word of mouth" about the place. Furthermore, the lady kindly gave us explanations on their super cool's literally on your table! Using the touch screen, you can surf through it, look at the images, order, choose what you want and don't want on your burger and can even
call your waitress/waiter! Nice!!! Pretty cool idea, I tell ya. How many times have you humiliated yourself doing hand/face signs so that your waiter/waitress could understand that you needed them?  

And the most important part was: THE BURGER! Jeanne and I were on a budget so we opted for the AAA Angus Beef burger with salad and fries. May I say: The burger was delicious! The meat was tasty (enough spices, thank you very much), well cooked (medium), and juicy. The salad was fresh and although I'm usually not a big fan of fries, these ones were y-u-m-m-y! And they gave a lot, too. Great price for all of that, only 13.49$! I was happily satisfied with the outcome of this burger craving. I promised myself that I would go back there soon and try something new....

Which I did!

I went back last Saturday for lunch and had the delicious organic salmon burger. I was with an "organic-bio-freak-obsessed" friend that convinced me to try something "bio" and believe me, this burger was nothing like I ever tasted before. I love salmon (read previous post) and to be honest with you guys, it was so creatively flavorful that I am still trying to figure out how they cooked it and what exact spices they used... I took all my time to savor the succulent tender salmon patty, which was served on a fennel bun. Each bite was more delightful than the other! I couldn't get enough....I had an instant #foodgasm! I definitely have to go back and try their beef tartar burger, sushi burger and one day, their lamb burger (minus the blue cheese, damn lactose intolerance of mine). 

To sum it all up, the food is great and affordable, the concept is unconventional, the service is rapid and of good quality, and last but not least Franck, one of the owners whom I met the on my second visit, is down to earth and very, very nice

P.S. You know the food in a restaurant is good when, as you're eating, not only do you "check in" to the spot on the Facebook app for your SmartPhone (#teamblackberry) but you and your friend are also texting people telling them that they "absolutely HAVE to try this place"!  Good word of mouth = Good marketing.

P.P.S. I am a HUGE chocolate fan and when Franck offered me the "Melted Dark Chocolate" desert, I almost fainted. Imagine....a minuscule cake with melted chocolate in the middle...not too sweet, just...perfect....Ok, I'll stop....Just go there and taste it for yourself. 

1237 Metcalfe
Montréal (Québec)
(514) 903-5799

Click HERE for their website!

Update, May 31st 2011: I also need to try their hot dogs, and pizza, and....well....everything else on the menu.


  1. Good post! I absolutely wanna check out that electronic menu thingy... maybe the only one in town?

  2. miam ca a l'air bon. si tu aimes les burgers et que tu es a ottawa, vas a The Works. tout simplement amazing


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