June 7, 2011

Homemade face scrub

It's finally hot outside! In my opinion, Montreal is a city with multiple personalities which I often cannot keep up with, even though I was born here. I mean, one week its hot, the other week it's raining and windy, the week after the weather is okay, mild, then a week later winter comes back. Like, really? I think it's one of the only cities I've been to where, when you have a car, you can turn your A/C AND your heat in just one day. Okay, enough nagging! The weather is beautiful now! *pleaseee stay this way pretty please*

As I mentionned in a recent post, just like Montreal, my skin also has multiple personalities. Don't ask. I'm still trying to figure it out myself! Any who, I made (yes, MADE) this face scrub the other day and made left my skin sooooooooo smooth! And I had zero zits after! I love it! And it's FREE guys! 

What you need
-A tupperware bowl with a cover. Or a jar. Or a small bowl with saran wrap...you get the point
-Two tablespoons of sugar (I used cane sugar, white sugar is fine also)
-Two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
-A tiny tiny drop of vanilla essence (for the smell)

-Mix up all of the ingredients! If you see that the mix is too liquid, add a bit of sugar.
-Wet your face a little bit and on top of your, sink scrub! Scrub! Scrub! Get rid of those blackheads! Screw you, dead skin! And I'm serious when I say "on top of your sink", because not all of this scrub will stick to your skin and you don't want to make a mess.
-Rince off with lukewarm water. Or just hop in the shower and rince it off there.

Just touch your skin now. Isn't it so smooth? The olive oil is a good moisturizing element as it adds softness to the skin.   

The cool thing about this scrub is that it is easy to make, it will last you 3-4 times or more and your skin ends up looking like that:

I'm joking: This is the result of Photoshop, not my scrub.  
P.S. This picture is courtesy of Ann Gee, the makeup artist who asked me to shoot for her portfolio. I had a great time and I love how she did my makeup! She is very talented and i encourage her greatly! I hope she picks me again for another interesting concept :) As my friend Bouboule said: "All that's missing is a tarantula on your hand and the pic would be perfect". Ha!

Have a good week everyone! It's gonna be 33 degrees Celcius tomorrow! WOOHOO!



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