July 14, 2012

Keepin' it real with Sass + Recipe of the week: Macaroni salad with a twist

Hey Sass

It's BBQ season and I am out of ideas for side dishes! I think my husband will stop talking to me if I make another Caesar salad! Any ideas?



Hey! Thanks Helen for actually writing your name and allowing me to use it!

I made a macaroni salad the other day that was a little different than the ones I make usually. Why?

-I used fresh herbs from my garden. Yes. I have a garden. Fresh herbs are 34893287492374 times better in a macaroni salad than dried herbs.
-I wanted to add a little teeny tiny bit of champagne vinegar but ended up putting too much and it was pretty good! Sometimes, the mistakes you make in the kitchen are the base of an awesome, creative recipe. Champagne vinegar can be found in specialty grocery stores like at Marché Jean Talon in Montreal. I got mine at Chelsea Market in NYC at a store called "The Filling Station"
-Lemon juice made a difference eh?


-Macaroni. I used about 4 cups of rigatoni
-3/4 to 1 cup of mayo. Yes. That much.
-Small red onion, chopped finely
-1/3 cup of champagne vinegar
-Chopped herbs: Basil, flat leave Italian parsley, thyme.
-Salt, freshly ground black pepper
-1/2 lemon, squeezed.

-Boil your macaroni accordng to package instructions. When it is cooked, drain it and add some cold water to it.
-In a large bowl, add your macaroni and all of the ingredients listed above. Mix well and adjust the seasoning according to your taste.
-Refrigerate and eat cold.

How easy was that? It's quick, delicious and is a great side to barbecued meat or even alone.

I like to add ketchup to my portion. Weird, but good. 

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