August 6, 2012

4 things I like about Méchant Boeuf

Last month, I went to Méchant Boeuf with my family and we all loved it! Mind you, my Dad is pretty picky about the food and he enjoyed each bite. Since then, I went back a couple of times either just for drinks, dinner or drinks and bread & butter (don't ask). 

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Here are four of my favorite things about this place

1. Their foie gras poêlé

It MELTS in your mouth. The waitress made a mistake and brought us the foie gras torchon at the beginning and it is not comparable to the warm version. One of the best I've tasted in Montreal.

2. The staff

Excellent service. Cute waiters. Jason at the oyster bar is very sociable. Everyone there is fun, friendly yet professional

3. Their late night menu starting at 11:00 p.m.

You know how sometimes it's late, you're hungry and you don't want to eat some of the junk food available at the common places that are open late like Mc Donald's or La Banquise (I love Banquise though, don't get me wrong...)? Well Méchant Boeuf is the place for you late night snackers/food junkies. They have a "Two for 23$" menu which enables you to choose an appetizer and a main course for only 23$. Not bad eh? They also have a selection of their popular bites like their Burger flight (3 mini burgers), Tempura shrimps or their super yummy "Poutine de Charlevoix au porc braisé & fromage migheron" which a poutine (fries, gravy, cheese curds) with braised porc. 

Check out their late night menu here

4. The vibe

Imagine this: A restaurant, an oyster bar, a fun bar, good looking people (including each and every single member of the staff) AND good music. Could you ask for more? Loved the trendy décor and dimmed lights.  

My father and I

Other things we loved:

-The oyster bar looked absolutely delicious. We have to try some next time! My dad took a few, I tasted only one and next time, I will need at least half a dozen.
-The fact that although it's name "Méchant Boeuf" translates in English as "Mean Beef" (weird, I know), their menu is not limited to beef and includes pasta, fish, chicken and other non-beef delicacies. Pescatarians will be delighted as my step mom was.
-How the chef sent my family and I an amazingly delicious and decadent desert. Each bite was better than the previous one. Check out the pic!

-The bar Philémon is right across the street so you can go have more drinks and more fun right after.

-If you're gonna take the poutine eat it as a meal. It's listed in the Appetizer section but it is HUGE.
-Make a reservation. It can get pretty packed.
-Start with a cocktail. They are delicious!
-Although the beef tartar wasn't my favorite, I suggest the Tartare trio if you want to eat something light.
-Don't eat too much bread at the beginning of your meal, the portions are pretty generous!

Méchant Boeuf
124 rue Saint-Paul Ouest
Montréal (Quebec)
H2Y 1Z3

(514) 788-4001

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