February 6, 2013

[MEN'S FASHION] Spotted! Dean Ellis from PhillipEllis

On the second day of Montreal's Fashion Week 24th edition, I was blown away by this man's style. I absolutely wanted to feature his style on Versass before Journal Métro, Elle Québec or other publication (HA!). Dean Ellis was here from Toronto and he looked like he came straight from a magazine's fall/winter spread. I'm serious. 

(More pics and details on what he is wearing after the break)

I met him backstage after the Ralph Leroy fashion show. When asked how he helped for the show and how he met Ralph, he replied:

"I was called in to help him as his production manager and to get a better flair of his work as I will be producing and styling the Ralph Leroy Collection in the next Toronto Fashion Week. I am extremely excited. I met Ralph when he showcased his collection in Toronto last year....We simply connected. He checked out my work and he called me asking if I would take on this role. It was an awesome experience and I cannot wait to work with him again".

I appreciate his love for vintage clothing/accessories. You don't have to spend a lot of money to be stylish and chic! And this does not only apply for women as Dean is the living proof of that statement. All you need is some patience, a good eye and a good tailor to alter certain items. 

Loving the buttons on the jacket. It's all about the details.
-Jacket: Vintage (7$). Alterations were made for a better fit.
-Pin: Vintage (2$)
-Pants: Ralph Lauren 
-Bow tie: Given by the Haitian diplomat to wear for the night
-Jewelry: PhillipEllis

Dean Ellis is a business owner/partner for PhillipEllis, a Toronto based company starting up an upcoming men's line featuring ties, bow ties, pocket squares and jewelry. Styling is also part of their venture in the fashion world as they also started a branch off company named Qadash. 

Click here for his company's website.  
Follow their styling division on Twitter & like it on Facebook!

I cannot wait until their official launch :)

I just had to get a picture of the shoes....and the socks 

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